Volunteer Sign-Up

Are you ready to get involved? Great! Whether you volunteer for an hour or make a commitment over many months, your volunteer time is appreciated; as are you. There are a variety of ways you and your family can get involved…

If you are signing up for the same thing for multiple weeks, let me do it for you! Please email me, Devon Sommer, what you’d like to volunteer for and for how many weeks and I’ll send you a confirmation.

Grade Level Sign-up sheets

Dragonfly Classrooms Blue Heron Classrooms River Otter Classrooms
Foxes Classrooms


Individual Classroom Sign-up sheets

Lisa’s Oakleaves (Kindergarten) Classroom Jon/Jen’ Blue Heron (3rd/4th grade) Classroom Troy’s River Otter (5/6th grade) Classroom
Caitlin’s Dragonfly (1st/2nd grade) Classroom Kathy’s Blue Heron (3rd/4th grade) Classroom Kassandra’s Foxes (7/8th grade) Classroom
Sarah’s Dragonfly (1st/2nd grade) Classroom Amanda’s River Otter (5/6th grade) Classroom Hannah’s Foxes (7/8th grade) Classroom


Those of you who wish to volunteer in our school or to chaperon field trips must first complete the Background  check form. (Only needed if you have not yet completed one- see April if you have questions

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04_Thursday Lunch Volunteer

Event Chair: Anna Murray