The Springwater Experience

Sprit Week Dance Party

In April 2012 during Spirit Week, the Springwater students rock-n-rolled in the gym during morning exercises.   Dressed in either 80’s or 50’s outfits, the kids had fun while Mr. Jon made this great video.


Peace, Love and Pancakes Video

On February 10th, 2012, the students and extended Springwater community enjoyed a lovely pancake brunch served by the Parent Council members, as well as a day of hard work in the field planting 1800 trees with the crew from METRO.  Mayor Doug Neeley visited for the occasion, as did school superintendent Larry Didway, with several school board members.    The following video was created by Dawn Bolotow.

[jwplayer mediaid=”1443″]

Auction Video 2009

Here is a wonderful 6-minute video showing kids out on Friday Field Study and in classrooms.  This video was made for the Benefit Auction in 2009 by parent and board member, Michael Shepherd.   


African Drumming Video

Blue Heron class performance on African Drums, led by Artist-in-Resdence, Hakim Muhammad, in November 2010.