What the Foxes have to say about our garden

Our Foxes were really inspired by what they saw on a field trip on Friday, October 12, 2012. Read what they had to say about the gardens in their own words!

” My goal for the Springwater garden is to give it the magical feel….the secret garden theme.  Besides plants and fountains I really enjoyed the benches and interactive decorations.” – Kelli

” We found some interesting colored beans…. these would be a good addition to our garden because they were interesting, bright, colorful and would add some variety to our garden.”  – McKenna

“Today we were sent to Sellwood to scope out people’s gardens for inspiration. We found trellises, benches, fountains, covered areas and a kids play “den” made out of big branches.” -Micheal

“Another things I saw were benches, bird baths, bird houses, stone paths and arc ways.” – Amber

” A bird bath and some climbing plants would be cool in the garden.” -Patience

” We could make mosaics  and paint flagstones. It would make the garden really nice.” – Izzy

“I am glad we got to see the plants and inspire everyone to work on our school garden.”-Tessa

“We saw that they used clover for a winter crop. It puts nitrogen back in the soil which I think is a good idea.” -Grant