Springtime Is Coming Springwater

This trimester is flying by in the garden and spring is well on its way. The signs can be seen all over campus from tulip shoots emerging to the garden’s garlic growing higher. 


Springwater students have been busy as they delve into their compost, worm, and rain garden projects, as well as learn about “Plant Parts We Eat.”

K-3rd grades have been exploring their roots, stems, flowers, and fruits through taste-testing of raw vegetables during garden class.


Preparation for Spring is coming on quick as I search for seed donations and develop plans for the Springwater garden, with the help of its staff and students. Other than actually planting and tending to the starts, this time of year is great to imagine the bounty Spring and Summer will bring, as well as the possibilities for fun and education in the garden. I have been so welcomed at Springwater by the staff, students, and parents and have been amazed at the kindness and interest expressed by all. I hope that many of you and your families will seriously consider volunteering and spending time out at the Springwater garden this summer, honing your garden skills and harvesting food with your children.


Spring is also a time to look at the steps it will take to grow a thriving garden/school relationship. My goals are to get each student engaged in planting a part of the garden so that they can each connect and be in ownership of the space, individually and as a community. I hope that this will become a communal space, growing together through positive experiences, hard work, and a fulfilling yield. I want students to return net year to a space that is ripe for inspiration, eating, and learning.


Personally, I am hoping to engage more with families, students, and staff through the garden during my remaining time here and see eager and helpful hands working alongside me. I also hope to compile a portfolio of the projects, curriculum, successful and working ideas, and future plans around the garden space so that this program can continue and grow in strength each year at Springwater. I am continually excited about the endless growth that this space provides for the ideas and inspiration of the staff and students.


Thank you again to the staff, students, and parents who have made me feel a part of the Springwater community. I look forward to seeing you out in the garden! Thank you also for the parents who have donated time and materials for garden class, Naomi’s Organic Farm Supply for their seed donations, and for Food Waves, which has provided the greenhouse structures, raised beds, and supplies for our endeavors!