Search for a New Principal Begins

By now, I hope that everyone has had an opportunity to welcome Dawn Bolotow, our new interim principal, to Springwater.  We are grateful to Dawn for stepping in to provide Springwater with leadership and guidance at this mid-year point, and excited to have the opportunity for students, parents and staff to work with her in an administrative role.

The Board has begun the process of filling the principal position on a permanent basis.  The first step has been to draft and refine a job description; the Board has worked with staff and discussed at the last several board meetings the qualifications, characteristics, and criteria necessary for an individual to successfully fill a position as unique as that of Springwater’s principal. 

At Springwater, the principal must be able to work collaboratively with a staff that has a significant role in setting policy and curriculum; must be able to build relationships with an involved parent population; must be able to both relate to and have the respect of the student body; and must fill (or help to fill) many of the roles held by central office staff in a traditional school district, such as business manager, superintendent, curriculum director, and special programs director, to name just a few.  Staff and Board also discussed the personality and leadership characteristics that they believed would be the hallmark of a successful candidate, and gave the school community an opportunity to provide public comment at the board meetings when the job description and related discussion was on the agenda.

The next step will be to post the job opening in both state and national databases and invite the submission of applications.  Once the applications receive an initial screening for basic requirements (such as appropriate licensure), a sub-committee of board and staff members will do a more in-depth screening to whittle down the applicants to a list of finalists.  The finalists will be invited to come spend time at the school and meet the community, and then will be interviewed by all staff and board members.  The selection process will continue to be refined by the Board as it progresses, and additional steps may be added if necessary.

I will continue to provide updates on the selection process on this blog, so check back regularly for more information.