Garden update November 9, 2012

We have plants in the ground! This week, both Salmon classes put in the first plants we can expect in the springtime: garlic bulbs! We hope to continue planting garlic and flower bulbs in the next few weeks, as well as finish our mulching process in the garden before Christmas Break. Keep your eyes out for notice about the big mulching day in a few weeks.

On Friday, the Foxes and Otters spent their field studies day putting in the last of the raised beds that were donated by Food Waves. Each class began the process of building healthy soil and eliminating weeds in the raised beds, by layering cardboard, manure, shavings, leaves, and soil–all which were donated by parents and community partners. These are the first steps towards building a healthy garden. To all the parents who have volunteered their time and resources, thank you for your support and efforts!