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Board Meeting Feb. 24, 2021

We will once again be meeting via Zoom at 6:00.  Please see agenda for more information.  

You can find the agenda here

New Background Check Process

Springwater School is now using Helpcounter to process background checks. This process takes 7-10 days for approval. All volunteers need to fill out a background check to volunteer even if they have filled out a background check previously. The approval will be good for 2 years. Please see the Volunteer tab on the website.

Coronavirus information

Oregon’s response to the Coronavirus is changing faster that I can type to get emails sent out.  As you know by now, the Governor Kate Brown has ordered schools to close until April 1st. This is going to mean a little more quality time at home with the family next week.  

Today and into next week, I will be working with our board and teachers to provide some learning opportunities that you will be able to do at home with your kids. I know from experience with my own children, that it can be a little easier to get your kids to put away the screen and take out a book or do some math when it is an assignment from school.  I am hoping we will be able to work on organizing these materials on Monday and get them to families Monday evening. If you have limited access to technology or internet, please let me know. We will be happy to work with you to ensure all children receive the same learning opportunities.  

Knowing that the situation changes from day to day, we will also be considering adjustments to the curriculum for the weeks following spring break.  

This time without students in the building will also allow us an opportunity to do some deeper sanitizing of the building.  We will be sanitizing floors, desks, chairs and any surfaces regularly touched by students.  

I know the closing of school is a big challenge for all of us and will seriously impact many families.  I have already heard about families working together to provide childcare for each other. Please take care of yourselves and your families.  Let me know if you have any questions or thoughts.  


With Care, 



 While this case of Coronavirus is troubling, at this time the Oregon Health authority recommends the standard precautions regarding contagious illness. These include covering a cough, good hand hygiene and staying home if sick.  The OHA website has some very helpful information regarding this virus.  We will also be in close contact with the Oregon City School District while monitoring this situation.  They have released a statement and have some good additional resources.

As your child hears news or conversation about the Coronavirus, it may raise concerns for them.  This article about how to talk to your child about the virus may be helpful.

2016-17 Class List

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Garden progression

During the 2013 Fall Harvest Festival at Springwater, students and parents worked hard pulling weeds in the last part of the school garden. The spiky thistle, deep-rooted dock, and thick grasses grew too high for us to walk through, let alone plant anything in! Thanks to their efforts, the work of the Foxes classes, and Enrichment groups, we were able to sheet mulch the last half of the garden this spring. We have worked hard transforming this space into a new orchard space for the school, planting fruit trees and a variety of perennial plants. Take a look at how we sheet mulched and developed each piece of the orchard  space, below:

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Springwater Garden’s Second Summer

As the 2013-2014 school year comes to a close, the garden is coming into full bloom and growth. This last trimester was an exciting time to garden as students worked to plant the seeds and starts that make our garden lush and fruitful. The tomato and basil beds are in, there are a couple dozen types of lettuce growing, and kale is already being munched on by eager students.
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May Garden update

See how far our garden has come HERE

Garden update April 15 2013

This week we welcome springtime into our school garden as pollinators begin to emerge and our vegetable starts continue to grow. With the arrival of students, energized from Spring Break, I am looking forward to their help and ideas in building up the soil and making our garden a healthy, thriving space for plants, beneficial insects, and birds. [Read more…]

The Springwater Chronicles March 14, 2013

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Solar Panel Update

Student Weekly Challenge of $ 10 per student a week. View Flyer

1st Student Newsletter

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Change for Good- Solar Panel Project

We need your change!!

No amount too small or too big. [Read more…]

Springtime Is Coming Springwater

This trimester is flying by in the garden and spring is well on its way. The signs can be seen all over campus from tulip shoots emerging to the garden’s garlic growing higher.  [Read more…]


Dawn Bolotow: Principal

Dawn Bolotow has over 20 years of teaching and leadership in the public school systems.  She has worked in the Beaverton School District and the West Linn-Wilsonville School District.  She has taught in all grades K-8 with considerable focus in literacy, math, TAG, and special education.  She has served in building administration and on leadership teams in elementary, middle and high schools. She joins us most recently after nine years of work as an Assistant Director of Student Services in West Linn-Wilsonville School District. [Read more…]

Ideas and Materials Needed

We have garden moles and perhaps gophers. We are looking for methods and materials to humanely deter them from being in the garden and help them relocate.  If you have, non-Caddyshack, solutions please connect with Kaci Rae, kaci@springwaterschool.com.

Garden update November 9, 2012

We have plants in the ground! This week, both Salmon classes put in the first plants we can expect in the springtime: garlic bulbs! We hope to continue planting garlic and flower bulbs in the next few weeks, as well as finish our mulching process in the garden before Christmas Break. Keep your eyes out for notice about the big mulching day in a few weeks. [Read more…]