Katherine Globerson

Garden Coordinator, Katherine Globerson.

I grew up amid the stark four seasons and Great Lakes of Michigan and later attended the University of Michigan before traveling West. My studies in Anthropology, time spent on the campus farm and potluck dinners with friends helped me to develop an appreciation for the way that food connects us to our bodies, our communities and our planet.

Propelled by a desire to immerse in a lifestyle close to land, I found myself in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada at the Woolman Semester School where I lived, worked and learned alongside a cohort of teens from across the country. Inspired by Quaker principals, classroom learning on topics of peace, justice and sustainability were brought to life through the cultivation of a 2-acre organic farm and explorations throughout California. My time as an educator and farmer at Woolman became a lightbulb moment in my passion for garden-based education, sending me to the Northwest where I fell in love with bringing garden-based learning to thousands of students during the regular school day. After some time spent in Bellingham, Washington I’ve settled here in Portland where I have been lucky to cultivate
school gardens and teach garden-based lessons across the metro area.

In my spare time, I love to head into the mountains with a backpack for a few nights or spend a day on skis. I appreciate our long winters for the endless reading, cooking and project-dreaming & doing that takes place. I love contra-dancing, live music and all manner of podcasts. I’ve got a family travel-bug and hope to make a venture south to Chile or Guatemala next– hopefully to refine my almost-there Spanish speaking skills. I’m looking forward to getting to know the many talents and joys of students, staff, and families at Springwater!

Visiting the Springwater garden, it is clear that this community sees a thriving garden space as an essential part of a good education. I am so thrilled to learn from and build on the amazing work put into the garden program and bring my own land ethic & passion for growing, preparing and sharing food to the Springwater community.