Josh Green: Facilities Manager

Joshua Bryan Green, owner of Creative Undertakers (brand and retail marketing services & solutions company), has a highly diversified background as a business owner and manager; sales executive; and an operator at a high tech facility. Josh has spent most of his career in the creative/marketing industry until 2013 when he decided to start his own business so that he could spend more time with his family and have a better quality of life. When Josh is not running his own business and serving major consumer and retail brands, most of his time is spent with his wife and 3 kids (Orion 9, Brooklyn 7 and little Decklin). Josh is an avid gardener with a true passion for plants, wildlife, and the environment. He is a lifelong student where he enjoys researching and learning as much as he can about any topic. His passion for learning is further reinforced by his love of traveling around the world to new and exciting countries and exploring diverse cultures. We are delighted to have Josh on staff in this new and much-needed capacity!!

His Springwater email is: