Welcome to Springwater!

Springwater Environmental Sciences School is a public charter school for grades K-8, within the Oregon City school district.  Springwater provides approximately 200 students with the opportunity to learn through the sciences, building upon their natural love of learning, in a supportive community.

Springwater Offers:

  • Integrated sciences curriculum
  • Environmental education focus
  • Inquiry and project-based learning
  • Small class sizes
  • Friday field studies
  • Parent-based leadership
  • Artist-in-residence program
  • Outdoor school for grades 5-8
  • School garden on 5-acre grounds

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2021-22 Admissions Application

We have held our 2021-22 Lottery. All new applicants will be placed on the waitlist.

For more information regarding admissions, please see the Admissions page. For specific questions, please email us.

(2021-22 Informational Flyer)