Scrip & Fundraising

Our next Scrip order goes in on Friday with a pick up the following Thursday.

Please take a look at the attached potential profit flyer.  Springwater needs to fundraise to offer our extraordinary set of programs.   We have listened to parents who want to contribute but do not have the means to do so.  Scrip is the perfect way for everyone to get financially involved.  Start small and think about the weekly groceries and gas.

If you shop at New Seasons or Fred Meyer and average $200 a week that translates to a monthly donation of $16 … across the year that comes to about $200.

Get your gas at Fred Meyers?  Get scrip cards and register your rewards card at and we get double contributions.

For a limited time:  For every $50 Columbia Card purchased, you will receive a pass to the Columbia Employee Store for you and 4 others.  It is also good for online purchases at employee prices. Don’t miss out on this awesome deal.