School News

Smoke, heat, and thoughts of rain punctuated our 1st week together and tried to toss us a curve ball, they did not.  Students were resilient, flexible and above all else super excited to be back at Springwater for 2017-18 school year.   Much appreciation goes out to staff who always put students first and create learning environments despite obstacles. Our students are smart by nature.

Thank you to PC who hosted a delicious back to school breakfast for all.

At our morning welcome, we honored milestones for our staff.  Katherine was welcomed to her 1st year at Springwater.  Heidi and Kassandra were honored for their commitment to the school following completing 5 years. Jon was recognized for his services and longevity of 10 years of teaching at Springwater.  We are grateful for all our staff.

What are the goals for Springwater this year?  
We are visioning for 2020 and beyond.  Please watch for opportunities to come share your ideas and vision for the “Springwater Graduate.”

We are honing in on scientific inquiry and focusing on those practices for our budding scientists.  We are continuing to lead the way with Characters of Excellence in both relationship and performance traits.  We are committed in our actions to be a learning community that believes, gets involved, asks questions, listens and fosters curiosity.  Please join the staff in their commitment to your children by sharing in these commitments in all your actions.

We welcome back Crystal on our Redland/Church route.  We will have a series of drivers on the Jackson/Holcomb route.Are you willing you switch from Church to Jackson?  Currently, about 75 students are safely packed onto the Church bus – 3 to a seat.  Our Jackson bus is riding only 45 students.  Contact April if you are able to switch.We have a carpooling need: A family is looking for support on Monday and Tuesday afternoons transporting one student to her home in the Jennings Lodge area.  If you are able to help please contact the parent through this link.Tuesday Lunches:
Don’t miss out.  Get your order in! Orders for the 1st trimester are due on September 20.  Click to check out the yummy offerings here. Scrip Returns:
Scrip is a dollar for dollar exchange and costs you nothing. The school receives the store discount as a fundraiser.  FAQparent benefits, and participating vendors are available through the links.   This is an all school fundraiser.  Funds raised will be used for general operating costs.  Orders are due by the last Friday of the month, and orders will be ready for pick up on the first Thursday of the month. September orders are due by the 29th.  Pick up on October 5th.

School Hours:

Official school hours are 8:35am-3:25pm.

Please do not drop off at school prior to 8:30am.  If you need an exception please contact Dawn and your student’s teacher to make a special arrangement.

If you are picking up at school you may go to your student’s classroom at 3:25pm to pick up or wait in the Cafetorium.  Students often will be waiting in their classrooms until both buses arrive.

Our goal is to have the buses and all students loaded and departed from the school by 3:40pm.  If you are running late, students will be in the main office.  We will begin contacting late parents at 3:45pm.

Dogs on Campus:
We are animal-friendly at Springwater, but we do have a few expectations if your pet is on campus.   We have students at Springwater who have severe allergies and fears.  Please put students first by not bringing dogs inside of the buildings or on the playground area during school hours or during school events.  After school hours, we are asking that if dogs are on campus, that they remain outside leashed and with their adult owners.  Again thank you for putting students first.