Parking Lot News

Parking Lot Shifts

It will take some time to get familiar with the changes so we ask for your patience for the safety of students.   So where to park?  We are trying to put out yellow no parking signs in zones to signal no parking areas.

Where not to park?  

  • We have designated the entrance area, (driveway off of Springwater Road), as no parking during bus loading and unloading time. Typically this is 8:15-8:45am and again from 3:15-3:40pm.  Please refrain from parking in these areas during these times.
  • Can I double park?  Yes, do double park along the right side of the lot as you enter the gravel area.  The cars along the fence line facing into Metro are staff vehicles so you are not blocking us in since we leave after 4pm.
  • Bus Turn Around & Parking?
    We need to keep the turn around zone at the end of the lot car free until the buses have entered.  This includes in front of the gate to the playground.  In addition two of the handicap spots will be temporarily unavailable while the buses are loading and unloading.