Fundraising Update

These are a fun family time to gather with other friends and families to support Springwater.  So far we have raised about $200 per event.  We hope to see everyone this month at Wild Hare and then again in November at Abby’s.  Thank you to our event chair Marcia for all the legwork and coordination for the free fundraiser.Monthly Giving
We love the sustaining donors and hope as a school to move toward monthly giving as our lead fundraiser.  Please consider becoming a member.  Contact Rebecca to pledge.

Mark Calendar for Auction April 21, 2018
It’s back!  We are heading back to the Grey Gables for a super important fundraising event.  Line up your sitter now, join the auction committee, and start procuring items.  Contact Carolyn for details and to volunteer.

Get your VIPS and jogging shoes ready.  This is our only student-led fundraiser.  They always knock our socks off with their enthusiasm and generous sponsors.  We hope to raise $20K this year for an all-time school best.

We have a date (12/1) and venue (OCHS) but we don’t have a coordinator.  Please consider stepping up and coordinating this event.  You will have at the ready the expertise of the past BINGO coordinator (Mali), and we already have the food secured and the caller (Tim.)  This is a great way to ease into a leadership role at Springwater!

Box Tops
Yep we do them two times a year.  Tyleen clips and organizes them and then we get great money.   So stick your box tops in a baggie and send them in!  We get a dime per top.  Please have them in by 10/26 for our 1st submission.