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Amanda’s FIRST LEGO League Chromebooks

Amanda’s FIRST LEGO League Chromebooks

Help me give my students two Chromebooks for use in programming and research.

My Students

The students at my school are innovative, creative, and high-level thinkers. These students are excited to share their ideas and are looking for ways to make them tangible and applicable to real life.

This group of students are anxious to try new things and discover new talents in LEGO Robotics.

With the help of these Chromebooks, the students will make an impact in the community around them by being innovative and working collaboratively to build a robot, solve problems, and create great presentations.

My Project

Our school has an established FIRST Tech Challenge Robotics program for grades 7 and 8, BUT it isn’t available to the younger students.

These young people are incredibly eager to dive into the great opportunities that FIRST offers.

Starting two LEGO League teams has introduced these students to programming, engineering, and an experience they won’t forget. For the teams to be successful, they need these two Chromebooks for programing the robots they design and build, to do research on the project that the challenge has set out, and to develop the presentations they need in order to prepare for our first competitions in December.

When not in use by the LEGO robotics students, the computers will be available for 5th-6th grade students who need the technology to finish classroom tasks.