Fundraising Overview

As a public charter school, Springwater receives only 80% of the State School Fund and little to no funds from other available District, State or Federal funds provided to other public schools and students. As a result, we operate with about 50% of funds, so Springwater relies on fundraising efforts to help cover its basic operational costs such as our mortgage, programming components, staff salaries, classroom supplies, etc.   Springwater is unable to remain open without the fundraising efforts of its families.

The purpose of the fundraising events is to raise the amount of fundraising revenue budgeted for each year. The event chairs strongly rely on the participation of Springwater families in the planning as well as participation in all events.  Our goal this year is to raise $100,000 which will help pay for operational expenses.


Fundraising Activities for 2017-2018

This year our fundraising goal is $100,000. We ask for 100% parent participation which means volunteering, attending and/or spreading the word by inviting your friends, family and neighbors!
We have a variety of fun activities set up for the year. Please contact each of the event leads if you’d like to volunteer or if you have questions about the event. Sponsorship opportunities are available for each event or you can sponsor ALL the events for special perks! Contact Mali Geister for more sponsorship information.


Monthly Giving Program
The monthly giving program is an easy and convenient way to donate to Springwater. You can register a debit/credit card with the school bookkeeper and your card will be charged monthly. Or you can donate a lump-sum amount. Any amount if appreciated! For more information please contact Jayme Miller. Or to sign up now, please contact Rebecca Bigbee or call the school office @ 503-631-7700. It’s quick, easy and a great way to support Springwater!


Bingo Night
Date TBD. Seeking a volunteer or two to lead this traditional Springwater family fun event.  Please contact Mali Geister for this sponsorship or volunteer opportunity!


Annual Auction
This ADULTS ONLY event is the flagship fundraiser at Springwater! Date and place TBD. Please contact Carolyn McGill for more information or to be a sponsor or volunteer.


Jog-A-Thon and Book Fair
Both of these all school events are held in May. The exact date and time are TBD.
The contact for these events is Amy Pederson. Please contact her for more information or to volunteer.


Monthly Dine-Outs
Volunteer Marcia Donovan is hard at work getting dine-outs scheduled for this school year. This is a fun and social way for us to make a little money for the school and be in community! Please contact Marcia if you are interested in helping with these fundraisers or have questions.


Please contact Mali Geister, the school board fundraising liaison, with any additional fundraising questions or ideas.