And the beat goes on – the Auction continues!

Didn’t make it to the auction?
Didn’t get your child signed up for PE pizza in the park?
Ready to learn archery?
Want to buy a few really awesome items?

Want to contribute to the amazing effort of the paddle-raiser for the dream of outdoor classrooms?

You are in luck!

Stop by the main hallway during conference days and make a difference with your purchases and donations.

Monthly Giving

Our monthly giving program has a new live link, ready to accept your donations.

Please consider donating to Springwater! Every penny counts.

Annual Springwater Auction – 4/18/20

Save the Date! This year’s auction is in full planning mode and procured auction items are encouraged and always welcome. If you would like to dontate, sponsor, or procure items for the Auction, please see the following forms:

Procurement Letter

Sponsorship Form

Donation Receipt

The auction will be held at the Grey Gables Estates and will be Saturday, April 18, 2020.

Ticket information will be posted right after Spring Break.

Dine Out @ OC Brewing on Tuesday, 1/9 from 5-11pm

Bring your friends and join the Dine Out on Tuesday, 1/9, sponsored by OC Brewing! Check out their nice selection of house-made sodas  (all-natural, no preservatives, no artificial color or flavoring and made with 100% cane sugar).

  • $1 will be donated for every OCB Pint, Taster Tray, Soda, Crowler, and Growler purchased.
  • Full menu through OP Wurst – Food items are for purchase, however, no money from food will be donated to the school.
  • Minors allowed in the taproom until 9pm and on the patio until 11pm.

Scrip & Fundraising

Our next Scrip order goes in on Friday with a pick up the following Thursday.

Please take a look at the attached potential profit flyer.  Springwater needs to fundraise to offer our extraordinary set of programs.   We have listened to parents who want to contribute but do not have the means to do so.  Scrip is the perfect way for everyone to get financially involved.  Start small and think about the weekly groceries and gas.

If you shop at New Seasons or Fred Meyer and average $200 a week that translates to a monthly donation of $16 … across the year that comes to about $200.

Get your gas at Fred Meyers?  Get scrip cards and register your rewards card at and we get double contributions.

For a limited time:  For every $50 Columbia Card purchased, you will receive a pass to the Columbia Employee Store for you and 4 others.  It is also good for online purchases at employee prices. Don’t miss out on this awesome deal.

Wild Hare Dine Out on 10/24

The Wild Hare in OC is hosting an all-day dine out event for us on Tuesday, 10/24! Please see the delicious menu they’ve prepared below.  This is a FUN way to connect with community and raise money for our school!

Fundraising Update

These are a fun family time to gather with other friends and families to support Springwater.  So far we have raised about $200 per event.  We hope to see everyone this month at Wild Hare and then again in November at Abby’s.  Thank you to our event chair Marcia for all the legwork and coordination for the free fundraiser.Monthly Giving
We love the sustaining donors and hope as a school to move toward monthly giving as our lead fundraiser.  Please consider becoming a member.  Contact Rebecca to pledge.

Mark Calendar for Auction April 21, 2018
It’s back!  We are heading back to the Grey Gables for a super important fundraising event.  Line up your sitter now, join the auction committee, and start procuring items.  Contact Carolyn for details and to volunteer.

Get your VIPS and jogging shoes ready.  This is our only student-led fundraiser.  They always knock our socks off with their enthusiasm and generous sponsors.  We hope to raise $20K this year for an all-time school best.

We have a date (12/1) and venue (OCHS) but we don’t have a coordinator.  Please consider stepping up and coordinating this event.  You will have at the ready the expertise of the past BINGO coordinator (Mali), and we already have the food secured and the caller (Tim.)  This is a great way to ease into a leadership role at Springwater!

Box Tops
Yep we do them two times a year.  Tyleen clips and organizes them and then we get great money.   So stick your box tops in a baggie and send them in!  We get a dime per top.  Please have them in by 10/26 for our 1st submission.

Chipotle Dine Out on 9/28

Join us for dinner (or anytime from 10:45am – 10:00pm) at Chipotle at Clackamas Town Center on Thursday, 9/28 for a fun(draiser) dine out! Please present this flyer when you order!

Annual Springwater Auction – 4/22/17

Hello Families,

Planning for this year’s Great Gatsby themed auction is in full swing!

The auction will be held at the Grey Gables Estates and will be Saturday April 22, 2017.

Every year we ask each family to help procure items for the auction. This year our goal is 3 items per family.The Procurement LetterSponsorship Menu and Donation Receipt are linked here and attached below.

How do I procure items, I hate asking people for things?

Procurement is not as hard as you think. Do yo have a hobby you’d like to share? Does a friend or relative have a special skill or job where they could obtain an item or service? You can also drop off a procurement letter at your favorite restaurant or hair salon.

What if I can’t come up with 3 items? Should I just buy something?

NO! We do not want families to go purchase items to donate. 3 items is a goal. We don’t keep a tally of family donations but this is a big event and every bit helps!

What kind of items do you need?

Every year we have a variety of items. Hand made items or unique experiences are very popular. (last year we had a handmade Jenga lawn set and a handmade bar among other fabulous items! We also had sailing lessons from a SW parent) We could also use items or services that people already use- Estate planning, house painting, lawn service etc. Time shares and sporting tickets are also very popular!

Do they all have to be big items?

Absolutely not! Most items will be put together with other items to create a package. Donations of all sizes are appreciated!

My company doesn’t have anything to donate but they like to donate money. How do we do that?

We’ve created a sponsorship menu with a variety of options. If they just want to donate without sponsorship, they can send a check payable to Springwater directly to the school. Please have them mark it for the auction and we will make sure to give them recognition.

I have an item, now what?

Make sure a donation form is filled out for every item and attached somehow. You can then drop off in the office or arrange with Carolyn for pick up.

If you’d like to be a part of the auction committee or have questions about procurement, please contact Carolyn McGill-

Thank you all for your participation in fundraising and helping us reach our goal of $100,000!

Procurement Letter

Donation Receipt

Sponsorship Menu


Support Springwater when you shop at Fred Meyer or Amazon

You can help support Springwater every time you shop at your local Fred Meyer or online at Amazon. It is a very simple, easy way to support Springwater by linking your account and making purchases as you normally would. Nothing more to do.

For more information, see the Fred Meyer page (or this flyer) or the AmzonSmile page for details on how to link your account to Springwater.

Office Depot / Office Max Rewards

Office Depot and Office Max offer 5% on their purchases to the school. Our School Number is: 70215021
Please use this when making purchases.