Fundraising Update

These are a fun family time to gather with other friends and families to support Springwater.  So far we have raised about $200 per event.  We hope to see everyone this month at Wild Hare and then again in November at Abby’s.  Thank you to our event chair Marcia for all the legwork and coordination for the free fundraiser.Monthly Giving
We love the sustaining donors and hope as a school to move toward monthly giving as our lead fundraiser.  Please consider becoming a member.  Contact Rebecca to pledge.

Mark Calendar for Auction April 21, 2018
It’s back!  We are heading back to the Grey Gables for a super important fundraising event.  Line up your sitter now, join the auction committee, and start procuring items.  Contact Carolyn for details and to volunteer.

Get your VIPS and jogging shoes ready.  This is our only student-led fundraiser.  They always knock our socks off with their enthusiasm and generous sponsors.  We hope to raise $20K this year for an all-time school best.

We have a date (12/1) and venue (OCHS) but we don’t have a coordinator.  Please consider stepping up and coordinating this event.  You will have at the ready the expertise of the past BINGO coordinator (Mali), and we already have the food secured and the caller (Tim.)  This is a great way to ease into a leadership role at Springwater!

Box Tops
Yep we do them two times a year.  Tyleen clips and organizes them and then we get great money.   So stick your box tops in a baggie and send them in!  We get a dime per top.  Please have them in by 10/26 for our 1st submission.

Music Residency

The role that music will play in students’ lives depends in large measure on the level of exposure they achieve in creating, performing, and listening to music.

This Monday, Oct 9 through Nov 16 we welcome renowned, local blues musician Ellen Whyte to Springwater for a music residency. Ellen will be providing instruction in creating, performing, listening to, and analyzing music. Each class will learn about the history of jazz and blues, compose an original song, and perform the song in our 1st All School Concert on November 16 at 6:00 pm at the Jackson Campus (Old High School, now CAIS) auditorium. This is an evening you will not want to miss.

We welcome music volunteers. Here is the basic schedule:

Lisa Oakleaves Wednesday & Thursday 2:30-3:15pm
Sarah Daragonflies Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday 8:45-9:30am
Caitlin Dragonflies Monday & Tuesday 2:30-3:15pm and Thursday 1:45-2:30pm
Kathy Blue Herons Wednesday 10:30-11:15am and Thursday 9:45-10:45am
Jon/Jen Blue Herons Monday &Tuesday 9:30-10:30am and Thursday 1-1:45pm
Amanda River Otters Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday 1-1:45 pm
Troy River Otters Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday 1:45-2:30pm
Hannah Red Foxes Tuesday & Thursday 11:15am-12:15pm
Kassandra Silver Foxes Monday & Wednesday 11:15am-12:15pm

Gardening Strong and Healthy

Please consider donating to Katherine’s garden wish list:

  • Spaded Forks
  • Seed Catalogs
  • Burlap (Free from Boyd’s Coffee)
  • Vegetable Peelers
  • Cheese Graters
  • Rebar (1/2″ diameter, 1-2′ long)
  • Olive Oil

If you haven’t been out to the garden classroom this year, please do so this week.  Katherine has transformed the space into a creative and useful place for learning and growing.

This past week, students were busy planting lots of fall and overwintering kale, salad greens, root veggies, cabbage, broccoli, and collards. Soon they will finish fall preparations by sowing leguminous cover crops to feed the soil over the winter as well as garlic to enjoy next summer.
For this coming week, Oakleaves and Dragonflies will learn about bulbs and plant out daffodils and tulips.
Blue Herons and River Otters will learn about seed packets as informational texts and choose a seed type from our garden they would like to save in a homemade seed packet.
Foxes will be making a tasty kale salad to kick off our every other week classes.

Hot Lunch Helpers Needed on Tuesdays!

Our once a week hot lunch starts Tuesday, Oct 3!  We need 3 volunteers to help set the table and heat the food.  Please consider helping keep the parent lunch program running.  Contact April to help Tuesday and beyond.

The more the merrier in the lunchroom each day.  We need extra hands to help students open their food, wipe tables, help with set-up and take down of the tables, etc.  Please consider joining us from 12-1:15pm.  Each classroom has a dedicated month to help out. In October we are counting on Amanda’s River Otters.

Curriculum Night Presentation

If you missed Curriculum Night, you’ll want to take a look at Dawn’s State of the School presentation. Make sure to watch the videos, both are moving in their own way… let’s just say “tears, and spiders and test scores, oh my!”

Chipotle Dine Out on 9/28

Join us for dinner (or anytime from 10:45am – 10:00pm) at Chipotle at Clackamas Town Center on Thursday, 9/28 for a fun(draiser) dine out! Please present this flyer when you order!

Family Friday on 9/22

Reminder: tomorrow is our Annual Springwater Family Friday from 2-6:00 pm.

A few highlights:

  • There will be fun fall crafts, games, salsa making, and the first annual kickball game!
  • Sign-up sheets for 10-minute mini-conference with teachers will be on their doors promptly at 2:00 pm.
  • Don’t want to cook dinner?  Bring cash for pizza and Menchies frozen yogurt beginning around 3:00 pm.  In Springwater style, don’t forget to pack your plates, napkins, and water bottle to limit waste.
  • Consider bringing a blanket or lawn chairs if you want to cheer on the kickball game!

The weather is looking promising for a beautiful fall day!

Hope to see you there!

-Your 2017-18 Springwater Parent Council

School News

Smoke, heat, and thoughts of rain punctuated our 1st week together and tried to toss us a curve ball, they did not.  Students were resilient, flexible and above all else super excited to be back at Springwater for 2017-18 school year.   Much appreciation goes out to staff who always put students first and create learning environments despite obstacles. Our students are smart by nature.

Thank you to PC who hosted a delicious back to school breakfast for all.

At our morning welcome, we honored milestones for our staff.  Katherine was welcomed to her 1st year at Springwater.  Heidi and Kassandra were honored for their commitment to the school following completing 5 years. Jon was recognized for his services and longevity of 10 years of teaching at Springwater.  We are grateful for all our staff.

What are the goals for Springwater this year?  
We are visioning for 2020 and beyond.  Please watch for opportunities to come share your ideas and vision for the “Springwater Graduate.”

We are honing in on scientific inquiry and focusing on those practices for our budding scientists.  We are continuing to lead the way with Characters of Excellence in both relationship and performance traits.  We are committed in our actions to be a learning community that believes, gets involved, asks questions, listens and fosters curiosity.  Please join the staff in their commitment to your children by sharing in these commitments in all your actions.

We welcome back Crystal on our Redland/Church route.  We will have a series of drivers on the Jackson/Holcomb route.Are you willing you switch from Church to Jackson?  Currently, about 75 students are safely packed onto the Church bus – 3 to a seat.  Our Jackson bus is riding only 45 students.  Contact April if you are able to switch.We have a carpooling need: A family is looking for support on Monday and Tuesday afternoons transporting one student to her home in the Jennings Lodge area.  If you are able to help please contact the parent through this link.Tuesday Lunches:
Don’t miss out.  Get your order in! Orders for the 1st trimester are due on September 20.  Click to check out the yummy offerings here. Scrip Returns:
Scrip is a dollar for dollar exchange and costs you nothing. The school receives the store discount as a fundraiser.  FAQparent benefits, and participating vendors are available through the links.   This is an all school fundraiser.  Funds raised will be used for general operating costs.  Orders are due by the last Friday of the month, and orders will be ready for pick up on the first Thursday of the month. September orders are due by the 29th.  Pick up on October 5th.

School Hours:

Official school hours are 8:35am-3:25pm.

Please do not drop off at school prior to 8:30am.  If you need an exception please contact Dawn and your student’s teacher to make a special arrangement.

If you are picking up at school you may go to your student’s classroom at 3:25pm to pick up or wait in the Cafetorium.  Students often will be waiting in their classrooms until both buses arrive.

Our goal is to have the buses and all students loaded and departed from the school by 3:40pm.  If you are running late, students will be in the main office.  We will begin contacting late parents at 3:45pm.

Dogs on Campus:
We are animal-friendly at Springwater, but we do have a few expectations if your pet is on campus.   We have students at Springwater who have severe allergies and fears.  Please put students first by not bringing dogs inside of the buildings or on the playground area during school hours or during school events.  After school hours, we are asking that if dogs are on campus, that they remain outside leashed and with their adult owners.  Again thank you for putting students first.


Parking Lot News

Parking Lot Shifts

It will take some time to get familiar with the changes so we ask for your patience for the safety of students.   So where to park?  We are trying to put out yellow no parking signs in zones to signal no parking areas.

Where not to park?  

  • We have designated the entrance area, (driveway off of Springwater Road), as no parking during bus loading and unloading time. Typically this is 8:15-8:45am and again from 3:15-3:40pm.  Please refrain from parking in these areas during these times.
  • Can I double park?  Yes, do double park along the right side of the lot as you enter the gravel area.  The cars along the fence line facing into Metro are staff vehicles so you are not blocking us in since we leave after 4pm.
  • Bus Turn Around & Parking?
    We need to keep the turn around zone at the end of the lot car free until the buses have entered.  This includes in front of the gate to the playground.  In addition two of the handicap spots will be temporarily unavailable while the buses are loading and unloading.

Metro/Clear Creek Natural Area Presentation on 9/28

Join Us and Metro:
Are you a FFS volunteer and interested in learning more about the area?  Are you just curious about all the changes and what is planned for the Clear Creek Natural area?   Please join the students and staff to learn a bit more about Clear Creek Natural Area.  Peter from Metro will present an informal 30-minute overview followed by a Q and A session on Thursday 9/28 during Morning Meeting at 8:35 He will cover the major Clear Creek habitats and species, ongoing restoration and site management work, a new map, and highlights from the Special Use Permit.  Kristina, a natural resource specialist, will also describe her noxious weed control efforts and our famous planting specialist Bonnie will join us as well.

Scrip returns: first order due 9/29

Scrip means “free money for the school”, at no extra cost to you.  Scrip is regular pre-paid gift cards and paper gift certificates for a specific store, restaurant, or service that provides a discount to non-profits needing to raise funds. Scrip is a dollar for dollar exchange and costs supporters nothing. The school receives the store discount as a fundraiser.  FAQparent benefits, and participating vendors are available through the links.   This is an all school fundraiser.  Funds raised will be used towards general operating costs.  Orders are due by the last Friday of the month and orders will be ready for pick up on the first Thursday of the month. September orders are due by the 29th.  Pick up on October 5th.

First Day Schedule

Please join us on Tuesday at school to kick off the year with a potluck brunch from 8:30-9:15am.  We will then assemble in the amphitheater for a welcome.  Students will be off to class close to 9:45am.  About 10 minutes after students are settled into classrooms, Dawn will be hosting a Q/A geared to answer new parents’ questions in the cafetorium.

School Hours

Official school hours are 8:35am-3:25pm.  Bus drivers are trying their best to meet our school start and end times.  It takes a few weeks to get it just right and be on schedule.

Buses will leave the Jackson and Church hubs promptly at 8:00am each morning.

Please do not drop off at school prior to 8:30am.  If you need an exception please contact Dawn and your student’s teacher to make a special arrangement.

If you are picking up at school you may go to your student’s classroom at 3:25pm to pick up or wait in the Cafetorium.  Students will continue to be waiting in their classrooms until both buses arrive.

Our goal is to have the buses and all students loaded and departed by 3:40pm.

Immunization Rates

As a result of SB 895, the Oregon Department of Education collects data on immunization rates for schools. This data comes to us from the Oregon Health Authority. We will be sharing this information with families twice a year and posting the rates on the website.

May 2017 Immunization Report

Clackamas Immunization Data 2017

New Location for Board Meetings

The location for the monthly board meetings has changed. We will now be meeting at Clackamas Community College in the DeJardin Building in room 233. Please note the DeJardin building is the glass building on the south side of campus (closest to Highway 213) and directly across from the soccer fields. A campus map can be found here.

Meetings will begin at 6:00.

Please submit all requests for public comment to Alex Van Pelt

Annual Springwater Auction – 4/22/17

Hello Families,

Planning for this year’s Great Gatsby themed auction is in full swing!

The auction will be held at the Grey Gables Estates and will be Saturday April 22, 2017.

Every year we ask each family to help procure items for the auction. This year our goal is 3 items per family.The Procurement LetterSponsorship Menu and Donation Receipt are linked here and attached below.

How do I procure items, I hate asking people for things?

Procurement is not as hard as you think. Do yo have a hobby you’d like to share? Does a friend or relative have a special skill or job where they could obtain an item or service? You can also drop off a procurement letter at your favorite restaurant or hair salon.

What if I can’t come up with 3 items? Should I just buy something?

NO! We do not want families to go purchase items to donate. 3 items is a goal. We don’t keep a tally of family donations but this is a big event and every bit helps!

What kind of items do you need?

Every year we have a variety of items. Hand made items or unique experiences are very popular. (last year we had a handmade Jenga lawn set and a handmade bar among other fabulous items! We also had sailing lessons from a SW parent) We could also use items or services that people already use- Estate planning, house painting, lawn service etc. Time shares and sporting tickets are also very popular!

Do they all have to be big items?

Absolutely not! Most items will be put together with other items to create a package. Donations of all sizes are appreciated!

My company doesn’t have anything to donate but they like to donate money. How do we do that?

We’ve created a sponsorship menu with a variety of options. If they just want to donate without sponsorship, they can send a check payable to Springwater directly to the school. Please have them mark it for the auction and we will make sure to give them recognition.

I have an item, now what?

Make sure a donation form is filled out for every item and attached somehow. You can then drop off in the office or arrange with Carolyn for pick up.

If you’d like to be a part of the auction committee or have questions about procurement, please contact Carolyn McGill-

Thank you all for your participation in fundraising and helping us reach our goal of $100,000!

Procurement Letter

Donation Receipt

Sponsorship Menu


Support Springwater when you shop at Fred Meyer or Amazon

You can help support Springwater every time you shop at your local Fred Meyer or online at Amazon. It is a very simple, easy way to support Springwater by linking your account and making purchases as you normally would. Nothing more to do.

For more information, see the Fred Meyer page (or this flyer) or the AmzonSmile page for details on how to link your account to Springwater.