Springwater Preschool – The Acorn Class


Families who would like to join Springwater Environmental Sciences School K-8 charter school are still required to follow enrollment policies including entering the lottery.

Applications for new families will be collected at our open house and will be accepted as space allows including during the school year.

Curriculum and Philosophy

Here at Springwater Preschool, we thoughtfully design inviting spaces and learning experiences that encourage students to explore, discover, and create in a community of friends. Materials and activities are chosen with the intention of actively involving children in learning through play, encouraging creative expression, and fostering wonder of our natural world.
Our days introduce children to a sense of routine, while providing generous blocks of time for individual choice, balanced with small group and whole class activities. Daily choices include opportunities for artistic pursuits, math, science, and language experiences, and invitations to join others in imaginative and cooperative play. We gather in groups for stories and music and to practice speaking and listening, turn taking, and sharing ideas. Our classroom is ever changing as projects and learning experiences emerge from the needs and interests of the children.
An important part of each day is our outdoor explore time, and we are fortunate to share the extensive playground and gardens of SESS. Daily outdoor adventures include rock climbing, digging in the sand pit, music in the sound garden, spinning, swinging, sliding and chasing after friends – rain or shine!
As your child’s first school experience, we strive to offer a learning environment that cultivates growth– social-emotionally, physically, and cognitively. We encourage their first steps toward independence, guide them in relationships with others, cheer their growing capabilities, and foster a curiosity in the world around them.

For further information, please contact Stephanie Dodge at stephanie@springwaterschool.com or visit our website at springwaterpreschool.com