Dawn Bolotow, Springwater's building Principal, administers the daily operations of the school and provides leadership in curriculum development, parent/community relations, staff decisions, student discipline, and assists with developing and implementing the annual budget.

Chicken Pox Notification

Dear Parents,
We have two confirmed cases of Chicken Pox at Springwater.
There is an effective vaccine available and if your children are not currently up to date now would be a great time to get current.
The contagious life cycle of chicken pox is 21 days.  If your child has a fever or even one spot/rash please do not send them to school. Please review the letter below from Cheryl Sharkey, our school nurse.  If you have any concerns please contact either Cheryl or myself.

We appreciate everyone’s efforts and understanding,
Dawn & Cheryl

Springwater Immunity Letter(1)

Letter from Dawn regarding a moment of silence tomorrow 3/14/18

Dear Families,

March 14 has been identified as a day for students across the nation to honor the lives lost in Parkland, Florida, on February 14.  Student-led “walkouts” are being planned nationwide at 10:00 am to last 17 minutes–one minute for each of the Florida shooting victims.

With the nation’s attention focused on issues of school violence, student safety, and civic engagement, this tragedy provides a teachable moment for our students and community.  While no student group has come forward to request a walkout, Springwater staff has decided they wish to recognize the moment and reflect on the importance of having safe and welcoming schools.  We will not focus on the recent events across the country, but rather the focus will be on how we take care of and befriend others.  The concept of “Walk Up” to others and be an “Up Stander” in the community will be our stance.

At 10am on our 100th day of school, (all cozy and safe in our PJ’s), each class, under the guidance and direction of the teacher, will take a moment of silence to reflect on the compassionate community at Springwater and the importance of kindness including being an “Up Stander” and talk about the “Walk Up”.  A tangible suggested action for the “Walk Up” will to empower students to connect with 14 other students and 3 adults during the day.

I encourage our adult community to also pause at 10am in honor of lives lost and join the nation, one school at a time, in building a safe, inclusive and civil world for our children to grow.

Peaceful Action,


Enjoy another day off and be safe!


Enjoy the added day off and be safe out there!

It’s Snowing! Early Dismissal Today

It is snowing at Springwater and the forecast indicates it will be only increasing throughout the afternoon.

Springwater is releasing two hours early at 1:25pm.  Buses will serve all hubs.  The building will be closed at 2pm.  Students on pick-up at the school are to be picked-up by 1:45pm.  There will be no afterschool/evening activities.

If you will need to change your child’s transportation option please use our new pikmykid system or email the school at office@springwaterschool.com.

We understand this early closure may cause an interruption or hardship to parents,  for this we are sorry.  We do not make an early closure decision lightly but we must make the decision we believe is the safest for students.

Enjoy the wonders of nature.