Bus Transportation

Springwater provides limited transportation from the Oregon City area via several bus hub locations.  Parents, please be sure to have a current Destination Form on file in the office specifying whether your child will take the bus home (which bus) or be picked up at the school.

For temporary changes or for last-minute changes please contact email the office office@springwaterschool.com or call 503-631-7700 by 11:30 AM.

Also please ensure your child knows the Bus Safety Rules.

See the School Schedule page for school start/end times and Friday scheduling information.

Hub Locations

Jackson Hub @ OCHS Jackson Campus – On Jackson Street, between 11th and 12th. East side of the road.

Church Hub @ Oregon City Evangelical Church – 1024 Linn Avenue. Sidewalk on the AV Davis Road.

Redland Hub @ Clear Creek Communication – morning Pickup 18238 S Fischers Mill Rd. An on-road stop

Redland Hub @ Redland Grange – afternoon drop off 18131 S. Fischers Mill Rd.  – The gravel driveway in front of grange.

Holcolmb Hub @ Holcolmb Elementary (PM only) – 14625 Holcomb Blvd. in the main parking lot.

Morning Schedule (3 hub pick-ups) Please remember these are strict bus departure times

Jackson Hub – leaves at 8:00 am

Church Hub – leaves at 8:00 am

Redland Hub – leaves at 8:10 am

Afternoon Schedule (4 hub drop-offs) Please remember afternoon hub arrivals are in a time range

Redland Hub, drop off around 3:55 – 4:05 pm

Holcomb Hub, drop off around 3:55 – 4:05 pm

Jackson Hub, drop off around 4:05 – 4:15 pm

Church Hub, drop off around 4:05 – 4:15 pm