Board Meeting – September 27, 2011

Board members in attendance:  Andrea, Tiffany, Brad, Shelley, Genevieve, Casey, Dawn, Mark
Board members absent:  Michael
Others in attendance:  Ellen, Jon Vogel, Mike Hyder, Cherisse Reilly

The meeting was called to order at 6:10 pm

The Board approved the Aug. 2011 meeting minutes.

Principal’s Report:  Ellen provided an update of her work with community and staff to date and her positive impressions of all of the teachers.  She raised the question of how potentially controversial books are selected and/or approved, particularly for the upper grades, and the Board agreed to take a look at OCSD’s policies and procedures and discuss at the next meeting.

Board Votes:  The Board voted unanimously to accept Jesse’s resignation and to hire Aaron on a temporary contract for the 2011-12 school year.

The Board voted to amend the 2011-12 budget, in light of a larger cash carryover amount than originally expected.  The amended budget will largely replace budget cuts made during the 2011-12 budgeting process last May.  Andrea presented the current budget and the proposed amended budget.  The Board voted unanimously in favor of the proposed amendments, with the addition of $2500 allocated to the safety committee’s budget.

Discussion:  The Board discussed:
— Obtaining feedback from 8th grade parents a few weeks into the school year, to ensure that all questions and concerns were being addressed;
— Asking Bev Forney to work as Capstone Coordinator to provide assistance to Aaron in coordination / support;
— The charter renewal process, the Annual Report (due Oct. 17), and the required Corrective Action Plan;
— We need to conduct staff, student and parent surveys as part of the Annual Report.

Mike Hyder explained that OCSD’s primary inquiry when considering renewal is whether there is reflection on practice, and one way to accomplish this reflection is pre and post data.  Are students making progress?  Can we identify this progress?  We have extensive data, but need to explore the most productive way of presenting it.

Dawn will take the lead on writing the School Improvement Plan. Andrea discussed the need to help revive our parents’ involvement, interest, and understanding of Springwater, and that charter renewal is a logical time to work on this goal.  Many parents don’t know things about our school that they should know.  We can look at renewal as an opportunity to share what is great about us, and what areas we can work on.  “Just the fact that we get to exist is a privilege,” said Andrea.  “How do we help people see the bigger picture and understand what our core components are, and how we are currently achieving those components?”  The Board talked about getting student videos of what’s going on in the classrooms up on the website, as excellent examples of Springwater achievements and strengths.

The Board discussed scheduling for Back to School Night.

Public Comment:  Cherisse Reilly spoke regarding the sibling policy.

The meeting adjourned at 9:07 pm.