Board Meeting – October 18, 2011

Board members in attendance: Andrea, Tiffany, Brad, Shelley, Genevieve, Casey, Dawn, Mark, Michael

Board members absent: None

Others in attendance: Ellen, Jon Vogel

The meeting was called to order at 6:10 pm The Board approved the Sept. 2011 meeting minutes.

Principal’s Report: Ellen explained Battle of the Books; thanked Dawn for her work with staff on the School Development Plan; complimented Aaron on his planning, relationships with his students and work with other staff members; and briefly discussed the new evaluation procedure she’s piloting with staff.

Budget: Andrea updated the board on budget to date. The board discussed families who haven’t yet paid their school fees, and decided that another follow-up communication (this time in the form of a letter, with the offer of a payment plan) was warranted. The board voted unanimously for a holiday bonus for staff ($500 per staff member), because of the improved financial situation and in recognition of the salary and health insurance freezes that the staff accepted for this school year.

Charter Renewal: Dawn reviewed the School Development Plan with the board. Andrea reviewed Mike Hyder’s outline of discussion topics for the Nov. 17th site visit. The board discussed the Dec. 12th charter renewal hearing before OCSD, and what components we would need to prepare.

Procedure for approval of library books: The board discussed passing a formal policy, but decided that given our small size, it would be sufficient to give the administrator the authority to make final decisions regarding library books, in conjunction with input from staff.

Open session was adjourned and the board went into executive session at 8:45 pm. The meeting adjourned at 9:25 pm.