Board Meeting Minutes November 14, 2013

Regular board meeting – Nov. 14, 2013

Board members present:  Andrea, Genevieve, Casey, David, Myla, Mark, Tiffany, Shelley

Board members absent:  None

Others in attendance:  Dawn, Wendy, Loren

The meeting was called to order at 6:20 pm.

Wendy and Loren’s Presentation

Goal of Cross-Age Groups: Learning Buddies are happy to be with older kids. The Salmon are learning about Ecosystems and Animals. They came up with an idea that Carol and Kassandra facilitated. They are working on a mini-capstone process. Each Fox researched an animal (vertebrate). They created games for the Salmon, so now the Salmon are visiting each Fox with an Animal Passport to get a stamp from the Fox students to show that they’ve learned about a new animal. The Salmon feel more comfortable with the Foxes at recess and in their other cross-age groups. The Salmon are talking about animal adaptations, and because of all of the background knowledge that they’ve gained from learning with the Foxes, they knew so much more! Both Loren and Wendy would like to think about having the Salmon become the teachers next.

The Salmon were also able to web chat with Polar Bear International and they watched Polar Bears out in the tundra. They tried to do one with a marine biologist, but it didn’t work out as well. The students are also doing blog news updates. They create topical categories for the students to write about.

Principal’s Report:

— Once a month on Tuesdays at 2:30, the students are meeting in their Biome groups. There is a theme each month.

— The Foxes went on an overnight to Mercy Corp, the Audubon Society and to Steve Preston’s War museum.
Faith’s class is studying Farm to Table. They went to a food processing plant for a field trip.

The fourth grade went on the “Dam Tour”.
The Salmon classes are visiting the Zoo and the Forestry Center. Oakleaves and the Dragonflies are going to the Jump for Joy Farm. — The Foxes had a Holocaust survivor come to speak this last week.

— The teachers attended the National Science Teacher Conference, and it was very informative.

— The conferences were this month, and the students focused on goal setting.

— CARES:  Personal Traits Representing our School:
Courage, Perseverance, Ingenuity, Craftsmanship, Collaboration, Compassion, and Self-Control. The students will reflect on these topics and share out with families.

— Bingo Night: 250 scheduled to come.

— Metro Activity: Next Friday, the students will be mulching the path from the Springwater parking lot to where the students head into Metro Lands.

— On December 7th, the Foxes will be having the Capstone Installation Day.

— December 8th will be the Christmas Tree sale. There will be an indoor arena for crafts. There will be crafts at each class table. The tree sale is not at Casey and Carolyn’s this year. Location will be announced.

— We’ve moved to on-line banking and we have a credit card. We have also applied for a loan to buy the portables at an interest rate of 5.5%. In order to do online banking our bookkeeper has to be able to be the signator.

(See Current Budget Packet)

The Monthly Giving Program:

David has put together a mailer. The letter will go out next week to each parent. We want to make people feel good about donating. There is a crisp dollar bill in every envelope along with a story sending a message of giving back. When people donate, we will have a money tree in the hall, and people can post the dollar that they received in the mail. These letters will go out in the first phase of the Monthly Giving Program. David said that we would continue in phases with this plan, and eventually reach out to extended family and then to the outside community.

Lunch Program:

The board discussed options for expanding the lunch program. Shelley shared that we had looked at options in the past, but there were kitchen space/equipment and health inspection issues, and then it might even open up free and reduced lunch guidelines. There are more options out there with vendors now, but still there is a huge issue with “who is willing to take on this whole project?” We do not want to pull time off of fundraising and parent council. The board discussed looking into a food cart option.

Office administrator:

Dawn would like to propose that we give Alex more hours on Thursdays. It really is concerning that we do not have a permanent office person on Thursday. There are safety issues, and additional managerial issues with not having her there.

David made a motion to vote that Alex increase her hours to full time. The board voted all in favor.

The meeting adjourned at 8:00 pm.