Board Meeting Minutes May 22, 2013

Members in attendance: Genevieve, Andrea, Shelley, Alex, Tiffany, Brad, Mark, Casey

Members Absent: None

Others in Attendance: Dawn, Heidi


The meeting came to order at 6:19 pm.


Heidi, Springwater’s learning specialist, made the monthly teacher presentation by discussing her role at Springwater during this, her first year. This year, she is able to use many of the skills she has learned over her career at Springwater. The program currently serves 27 students. There are students who have moved in with IEPs, and also there are students who were already being informally served at Springwater, who have now been identified in accordance with the IDEA. She has taken two referrals this year through the evaluation and eligibility process. The Barton program has been a great intervention for kids who need direct instruction. Read Naturally has also been a great intervention. Heidi involves Michelle Blanchard, the parents, and the teachers with this process. Heidi is giving some of the Barton spelling work back to the teachers. She likes to keep the connection with the lessons with the teachers.


Heidi is excited to use Read Live program (5-7 volunteers a week/30 students) for grades 2-8. Heidi also provides push-in services in grades 1,2,5 and 6 for math. She runs a math skills group for grades 5-8. She wants to expand this to other grades next year. She does Easy CBM screening and some benchmarking. She serves 5 students for math interventions. She has also used as an independent intervention online.

She has a study hall set up from 8:30-9:00 each morning. There are computers in each classroom, obtained through a grant from Free Geeks. Heidi put some of these resources in the Learning Lab site, as well. She uses the Smart Boardin the lab for the more tactile learners.


For students who require behavioral services, Heidi has used social cognition stories (Michelle Garcia Winner). She has tried to read up on Ross Greeneʼs work on Social Emotional Counseling. She uses social stories of her own, as well.


Changes for next year: Heidi would like more study hall time, and more help at the end of the day. She would like to have more interventions in the class for reading and spelling. Heidi would like more writing interventions using Inspiration, Step Up to Writing, Language.
Sheʼd like more PALS, Math Skills, BUILD (Daily 5 Math), and sheʼd like to make some changes to referral/progress monitoring process (currently 7 students).


Future plans: Improvements to space (Heidi needs a quiet space for meetings, testing, interventions). She would also like additional help for counseling, testing, and general assistance. She would like more technology (iPads, laptops, software, Smartboard). It

would also be helpful to have more District and community contacts, to help improve the breadth of resources available.


Principal Report:

Dawn passed out dates for the board members to attend:

* May 31: 9-12 Jog-a-Thon/ VIP Day @ Springwater

* June 5: 6pm Board Meeting @ Cypress

* June 14: 5-8pm Evening of Excellence @ Springwater

* June 17: 7pm Graduation

* June 18: 5pm Kinder Graduation @Springwater

June 19: 11-12:30pm End of Year BBQ @Springwater

* June 27: 9-4pm Board Retreat @?


Outdoor Schools went very well. The 7/8 OMSI program was very successful this year. Troy felt that even though there was some concern about the Opal Creek program being appropriate for 5th graders, it was really right up their alley. Faithʼs 6th grade trip went very well, too. Next year will be a similar plan, but we are looking for a new trip for 7/8.

Kassandra and Carol are taking the lead on looking at some new ideas, and there should be a proposed recommendation for next year.


The solar panels are up and the converters are working, and now we just need more sun.

Mac is leaving us. Tomorrow is his last day. Ralph will now be coming from Easter Seals. Kindergarten Round-Up will start tomorrow. All parents will leave the classroom from 10:30-12, so Rae can interact with the students on her own and the parents can attend an information session. We had two wonderful partnership field trips out to Springwater. Two classes from Redland, 2nd and 4th, came out May 22, to begin the partnership with Springwater. It was a lovely experience for all! Unfortunately, we will not be receiving the Americorp Grant next year for the garden coordinator position. We will remain on the wait list for any available grants.


We have 15 students attending OC next year. Almost every one of our students will be placed in advanced placement classes in science, social studies, math and/or English for 9th grade. Graduated 8th graders will also be going to Rex Putnam, CAIS and Central Catholic.


Dawn reviewed OAKS test scores from 2009-2013 (see handout). Dawn and the board were extremely satisfied with the progress at all grade levels. We will continue to look at the 5th and 6th grade cohorts in math. They made significant progress, but we will still strive for higher percentages of success next year.


Budget Discussion:

(See Current Budget Worksheet)

Income: $1,330,900 Expenses: $1,351,172.50 Difference: -$20,000

We are expecting our cash carryover to be around $80,000.

Andrea moved to vote on the draft budget. Alex seconded it. The board voted all in favor of the draft budget.


Brad voiced a concern about low enrollment in the upper grades, and his dissatisfaction with the upper grades program. He shared that he voted yes on the draft budget, but with the concern that enrollment directly effects the budget. We need to find out if this is a pattern, and find ways to address this. Andrea disagreed with Bradʼs observation, because she sees that we had more dropping enrollment in other grades. Andrea shared specific examples of enrollment figures in other grades, as well as her observations regarding the strengths of the upper grades program. The board proceeded with a discussion about both Andrea and Bradʼs comments.


Shelley shared the promotional video from Charlie. It came out to be just over 6 minutes. The point of this whole project was to target people who wouldnʼt necessarily know anything about us. The board felt positively about the video, and agreed that it was a good start! Charlie would like to come out again to work with the kids to teach them how to continue this videotaping process.


Andrea shared two parent letters of interest for the open board member positions: David Cross and Myla Myers. Andrea made a motion to bring David and Myla on as our new board members. Alex seconded the motion. The board voted all in favor.


The meeting adjourned at 9:45 pm.