Board Meeting Minutes March 6, 2014

Regular board meeting – March 6, 2014

Board members present:  Andrea, Genevieve, Myla, Gregg, Shelley, Casey, David
Board members absent:  Tiffany, Mark
Others in attendance:  Dawn, Faith, Troy

The meeting was called to order at 6:05 pm.

Teacher Presentation

Faith and Troy presented on their new curriculum units.

Faith:  Plant systems & food systems with social justice themes of history and farm workers, individual impacts students can make with their food choice.  Argumentative writing is taught.  Novel and field trips are included.

Troy:  Weather system based in chemistry concepts.  Science experiments and technology are used.  Social impacts of weather are integrated.   Novels and weather gazing are included.

Principal’s Report

ODS Grant Received $2500
FTC Robotics team going to Western Regional in Sacramento
Laura Wolf is expecting a baby September 1, 2014 and will go on maternity leave
8th Graders are forecasting for high school
Another set of solar panels are going up on the next portable
Open Houses were very well attended

Action Items

Unanimous vote in favor to accept Faith’s resignation

Unanimous vote in favor for one-year contracts for:

Unanimous vote in favor for initial two year contracts for:

Unanimous vote in favor for an additional year on the following rolling two-year contracts:

Unanimous vote in favor to make up missed snow days by adding one student contact day (April 7th) and one teacher work day (to be determined by mutual agreement of Dawn / individual teachers)

Discussion Items

Hiring Process:
Look at Internal Candidate
See Teacher In Action
Student Interaction

The meeting adjourned at 8:36 pm.