Board meeting minutes – March 13, 2013

Regular board meeting – March 13, 2013


Board Members Present:  Andrea, Genevieve, Alex, Brad, Tiffany, Casey, Shelley, Mark

Board Members Absent:  None


Executive session:  Came to order at 6pm

Public session:  Came to order at 7:20pm



Shelley asked about field studies in the upper grades; the board discussed some of the ways that FFS has evolved, and the need to communicate current learning to families.


Certified contract renewals:

Teacher Evaluation and Votes for Renewal:

The board voted unanimously for Rae, Jon, Faith and Troy to receive an additional year on their two year contracts (these teachers are past their probationary period and are on rolling two-year contracts).

The board voted unanimously for Loren to receive an initial two-year contract (Loren just completed his probationary period and therefore received his first two-year contract).

The board voted unanimously for Wendy, Heidi, and Kassandra to receive a one-year contract (these teachers are still within their three-year probationary period, and therefore are only eligible for one-year contracts).

All board members but one voted for Carol to receive a one-year contract; Brad voted against the motion (Carol is still within her three-year probationary period, and therefore is only eligible for a one-year contract).

The board voted unanimously for Jen and Laura to receive an additional one-year contract for a job share (only one-year contracts are available for job share employees).


Auction update:

Net $51,000 with 202 attendees. We are about $4,000 off from last year.   The board discussed other options for fundraising. One idea was a monthly direct withdrawal from each Springwater family. We discussed doing a survey of our community to see if families are interested in this option.


Principal’s report:

The solar panels will be installed April 1. We had Cinco de Mustache day and 100th Day. We’ve had students on a field trip to OMSI. We had 4th graders doing the rock opera. We had PGE come in for an assembly.  New artists Habiba and Tina Eckton will be coming to work with the classes in April. They will each have 4 sessions per class and will continue through June 4th.


All 8th graders are forecasting for Oregon City High School (one at CAIS).
We will be doing a sister school partnership with Redland, and a partnership with Lent School in SE Portland. Our goal is to keep Kaci Rae for next year as our garden coordinator.


Ken has resigned because he wanted to be a maintenance man, and not a janitor. We have had five demo cleanings from janitorial services, and Dawn is happy with MGE Housecleaning — three times a week with a weekly deep cleaning assignment.  Mac, our Easter Seal volunteer, will be doing the replenishing of supplies and the outside facility maintenance.


Playground update:

Genevieve updated the board on the playground; we have received an $8,000 HEAL grant to create a natural playground, and because this is a matching grant, we must contribute another $8,000.  A student playground committee has been initiated. One of the major discussion topics that the kids want is a slide, but in looking at the codes and the cost, this may not be advisable. Genevieve has visited some natural playgrounds, and she has some ideas already formulated. In Oregon, this really hasn’t been done. There is a huge misunderstanding about a natural playground, so we need to inform our families more about the wonderful opportunities for this type of playground. There are many more interesting things you can do with this type of playground, compared to a typical play structure. In the grant, Genevieve included that we would have a huge log for climbing and tunneling through; a sound garden and a spider web; and funds for plants.  In April, we will  be rolling the planning process out to the community.


Other business:

Jen and Laura will be presenting at the next board/staff meeting on April 24th at 4:00 at the school.


Mark is going to visit the Willow Environmental School in Gladstone, New Jersey in early May.  This opens up the possibility of borrowing components of the Willow program, and potentially establishing a pen pal relationship with the students there.  Mark suggested that the board take a look at the school at


The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 pm.