Board Meeting Minutes – June 5, 2014

Board members present: Andrea, Genevieve, Myla, Gregg, Shelley, Casey, Tiffany, Mark
Board members absent: David
Others in attendance: Dawn, Jen. Laura

The meeting was called to order at 6:20 pm.

The Board meeting began with a recognition of founding board members Tiffany and Shelley, as this was their final board meeting.

Teacher Presentation:
4th grade team Laura and Jen presented overall on the year with their students. They began with sharing information about the guest experts that they had visit their classroom during the year. Barbara Kerley, a National Geographic author, came to share about “sriting as an adventure.” She talked with the students not only about the challenges she has faced as a writer, but also the positive aspects of her career.

The second guest expert was Kurt Caprenter, a water quality expert with the USGS. He worked with the students on a Friday Field Study on water testing at Clear Creek. The students identified species and interpreted the results. Both Jen and Laura commented how these experts really helped to increase student engagement.

The final guest expert that Jen and Laura discussed was Rose Wall, a geomorphologist. She shared the connections between the Rivercutters geology curriculum and the real world. It was exciting for the students to be exposed to an interesting career.

Next, Jen and Laura shared how the Literature Circles have worked in their classroom. They used the Oregon Battle of the Book Titles for students to choose their book of study. The students led meaningful conversations in small groups about the books that they read. Each student had a role of either a Discussion Director, a Connector, a Forecaster, or a Word Wizard. The peers scored each other for participation using a rubric. Jen and Laura commented how thrilled they were to have either met or exceeded the Oaks Reading Test with 91% of their students! (60% of the students exceeded the standard).

Next, Jen and Laura shared how they’ve been responding to the social issues in their classroom. Many students have been experiencing high anxiety and perfectionism. They have tried to create a safe environment that allows the children to know that it is “okay to make mistakes.” They’ve had boy and girl social groups to discuss these issues. They’ve also made themselves available at lunch for “Lunch Bunches.” Both Jen and Laura agreed that it would be beneficial to start the year with team building lessons.

Finally, Jen and Laura discussed that they want to add to their social studies curriculum next year. They will tie things together with a Willamette River theme. They feel that the Willamette River is an ideal focus for much of local history. They will tie it into teaching about electricity (hydro, electrification of Portland, Lewis and Clark’s Expedition). They will do a Geology unit (Springwater Surface, and Missoula floods) and then a study just on Water (industries: irrigation, logging and paper). They would like to take several field trips to supplement the unit, as well.

(See handout for further 2-year curriculum cycle information)

Principal’s Report:
Dawn provided an enrollment update and information about upcoming end-of-year events. She shared information about the success of this year’s AIR program, and how artists Tina and Peggy have drafted a comprehensive proposal for next year’s program.

Action Items:
* The board voted unanimously to adopt the proposed AIR program for 2014-15.
* The board voted unanimously to approve Kaci Rae’s hire for 2014-15 as garden coordinator.
* The board voted unanimously to increase staff salaries by 3% for 2014-15.

Building Update:
Dawn provided an update regarding the OCSD board’s decision to reverse its acceptance of our counteroffer of $600,000, and instead continue to insist upon its last offer of $625,000. The board discussed options for responding to this development.

The meeting adjourned at 8:43 pm.