Board Meeting Minutes June 5, 2013

Board members in attendance: Shelley, Mark, Tiffany, Casey, Andrea, Genevieve, Alex

Board members absent: Brad

Others in attendance: Dawn, Jon


The meeting was called to order at 6:10pm. Jon presented on the school garden and the year-long planning and instruction that has been implemented, as well as the coordination with the Americorps volunteer. Jon also discussed tentative plans for future years, and the positive learning outcomes that have resulted from integrating the garden into instruction at Springwater.


Dawn’s principal report focused on end-of-year planning and activities, including 8th grade graduation and the picnic on the final day of school. Dawn also presented information on students’ OAKS scores, highlighting the tremendous gains that have been made, particularly in math at all grades, and the remarkably high math and reading scores, including 100% of 4th graders meeting or exceeding the reading standard, and 94% of 8th graders meeting or exceeding math and reading standards.


The board voted unanimously to officially hire Carly into the vacant secretarial position, after discussing her resume, interview, and reference checks.


Dawn informed the board that Springwater had, after all, received an Americorps grant for a second year in a row to help fund the garden coordinator position. After discussing the merits of accepting the grant vs hiring our own coordinator, the board directed Dawn to pursue the grant and invite Kacie Rae to apply for a second year.


Andrea shared with the board the results of her discussion with staff regarding staff input on their 2013-14 contracts. The board decided to extend the experience credit from 10 to 15 years, to recognize the value of experienced staff and to encourage staff with long tenure to remain at Springwater. The board decided not to address daily scheduling issues, such as lunch/recess duty, in the staff contracts, but directed Dawn to work with staff to set a schedule, and to ensure that lunch/recess duty was part of staff’s regular job duties. The board decided to keep allocation of staff development dollars the same as it had been the current school year, with $100 per teacher available, as well as mini-grants on a first-come, first-serve basis. Finally, the board decided to leave it up to staff whether they wanted to clarify in their contracts the uses for which personal leave could be taken, retaining the two days per year of non-cumulative personal leave allocation.


A tentative date of June 27th was set for the board-staff social, subject to staff’s availability. A vote on the final 2013-14 calendar and a review of annual goals and fundraising planning was tabled until the June 27th work session and board meeting.


The meeting adjourned at 9:30pm.