Board Meeting Minutes January 9, 2014

Regular board meeting – Jan. 9, 2014

Board members present:  Andrea, Genevieve, Myla, Gregg

Board members absent:  Shelley, Tiffany, Casey (until 7:30pm), David, Mark

Others in attendance:  Dawn, Heidi

The meeting was called to order at 6:10 pm.

Heidi’s Presentation:

Heidi presented information regarding academic intervention services in reading and math; special education services to IDEA-identified students; and how the learning lab is functioning.  She also provided information regarding the role of technology in working with struggling learners, and how she works with OCSD staff and systems for childfind, evaluation, and special ed services procedures.

Principal’s Report:

–Tidbits are being revamped and will now be the “Friday Flyer”

— Characteristics of Excellence teacher and student assessments are completed and have been sent to parents

— an update on the 7th graders’ engineering unit

— an update on the 8th graders’ Capstone projects

— new grade-level units for each class

— the music instructor has resigned – Rae’s student teacher Danielle has been hired to teach music (Dawn reviewed her qualifications and her background in music)

— details for the upcoming Family writing night

— Evening of Excellence (Capstone presentations) scheduled for May 22nd

Annual schoolwide goals:

The board reviewed its four 2013-14 schoolwide goals, and progress made toward the measurement criteria for each goal

Policy review:

The board completed a review and initial edit of Policies 100-103 – Andrea will draft the edits, research questions raised, and present edited policies for approval at the next board meeting.  The board will continue its review, beginning with Policy 104, at next month’s board meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 9:00 pm.