Board Meeting Minutes January 23, 2013

Regular board meeting – Jan. 23, 2013


Board Members Present:  Andrea, Genevieve, Alex, Brad, Tiffany, Casey, Shelley, Mark

Board Members Absent:  None

Others in attendance:  Dawn, Carol, Kassandra, Julie Root, Rhonda Ross


The meeting was called to order at 6:15 pm.


State of the School could be presented at the same time that we have the community meeting to discuss the grant that we received for the playground. We will be working on this grant this year and into next year. Andrea asked that Genevieve get together with Dawn to set a date for this meeting. We should have a date by the next board meeting.


Teacher Presentation:

Kassandra and Carol came to present on integrated curriculum.  They discussed how they integrate communications (U.S. Constitution and public speaking) with reading (historical fiction and biographies).  Science and math are also integrated.  As an example, they presented information on the integration of the engineering unit and math.  Students did scale drawings and then in math calculated the ratio and perimeter, area measurement conversions, with ratios and proportions.


Multiage Integration:  The Foxes prepared and presented lessons for the Salmon classes.
Weekly learning buddies with Salmon classes: listening to and fluency and helping with content.
Foxes helped Salmon buddies with creating friendship bracelets.


Friday Field Studies:  Scale drawings of the garden, measurement, garden inspiration field trip, mapping strategies culminating in Snow School, where the engineering unit was used for the building of igloos.


Looking ahead:  Outdoor School – all Fox students together at Hancock Field Station.  Science – chemistry is the next unit.  Reading – Chew on This: Everything You Donʼt Want to Know About Fast Food.


Other:  Nancy Hungerford’s connection with Randy Harvey, the winner of the international Toastmaster competition, led to a guest presentation to the class on public speaking.  The students also had the opportunity to have a soccer player (a friend of Carol’s) come to work with the students on soccer (PE / physical exercise) and team building.  The students also did a perch and frog dissection.
Theyʼve worked a lot with using the SMART Board.


Public Comment:

Julie Root came to discuss her concerns with safety issues at Springwater.  Rhonda Ross came to speak about her concerns with monitoring the tipi, background checks for parents who are supervising students, adult supervision on the playground, and a report she heard of a teacher’s negative dialogue with a student.



The board participated in a Skype discussion with Charlie, a videographer Shelley located who may contract with the school to produce a finished video product.  Charlie spoke about his qualifications, his past projects, and his vision for what he could create for Springwater and the uses to which the final product could be put.  The board discussed allocating $1500-$2000 for an initial promotional video project this year, and considering continued funding in next year’s budget.  The board discussed the importance of a project like this for promotional and recruitment purposes, and well as informing current families of Springwater curriculum, mission/vision, and ongoing actions to further mission/vision.


Principalʼs Report:

A new  Artist in Residence program has begun this trimester.  Hans is doing Afro-dancing, drumming, history and geography with the older students. Tracie decided to do different projects – the 5/6 and 4th grades are doing life-size sculptures with packing tape and plastic wrap. The 2/3 are making vehicles to travel to their foreign planets with wire, plaster and paint. The K-1 are doing ceramic work with Mary Kirby and then painting on canvas to music with Tracie. The 7/8 are doing Japanese Sumi-i painting, and word portraits.


Student Council has now started. We have a class president and co- chairs, class reps and groups running morning meetings.  We have a playground re-design committee, with kids included. Genevieve will run this. We have ambassadors to the school who will take visitors on tours. These are 5-8th graders. We also have an events committee.


We have Battle of the Books teams that are battling right now. We had the first battle on Tuesday at lunch. They will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Loren and Wendy are participating in a “practice” Battle of the Books. This year Beth Cummings and Julie Schedler are taking the lead on this. There will be regional battles in Canby on March 2.

We did have to change our lunch schedule to allow for this Battle of the Books schedule.


On Feb. 8th, we will have an informational meeting for 8th grade parents, along with the regular Parent Council Meeting.  We will have Family Math Night on Thursday, January 31, from 6-7:30. On the Fox website, Carol and Kassandra are posting all of the HS forms for parents.


We have the unique opportunity to become a service industry for the Easter Seals program. We might have a volunteer come for 20 hours a week. We are looking for a fellow to partner with Ken to add the help we need for custodial and maintenance.


Board goal areas:

Goal 1: Sustainability – the board discussed progress to date.  Goal 2: Our academic focus has been on math. We are having our first math night on Jan. 31, with the OC Districtʼs TOSA, April Albers, as the guest speaker.
There will be strategies for games, and things you can do at home. There will be workshops on learning the standards, the new vocabulary. Basic skills are being covered: In K-7th they are working on these basic skills. The skills are practiced and they do a homework portion. It sets them up for the class the next day. The teachers try to make it fun. They are using Easy CBM math diagnostics.  We are using K-2, 3-5, and 6-8 as our construct for looking at groupings for math for the purpose of curriculum planning and delivery.  Faith submitted a grant request for Garden Coordinator Certificate Training – the board voted all in favor of Faithʼs proposal.  Goal 3: Community relations – discussed during the Skype conversation with Charlie.  Goal 4: Facilities
- Dawn updated the board on negotiations with OCSD regarding the current building lease, OCSD’s attempt to raise the lease rate 3-5% every year, and SW’s objection to this proposal.  The board discussed possible approaches to the lease and to long-term facilities issues.


Open House Dates: Saturday, Feb. 2, 9:00 am and Wednesday, Feb. 6, 6:00 pm.



The board discussed the data that Dawn collected on the variety of  criminal background checks that various districts are using.  To further discuss how to approach background checks at Springwater, the board posed the following questions: 1) We need to decide who are we going to background check?
2) What service will we use?  3) What will be the cost?
4) What will be the process? How often?  We will need to have future discussion of this issue at a work session.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:25 pm.