Board Meeting Minutes February 20, 2013

Regular board meeting – Feb. 20, 2013


Board Members Present:  Andrea, Genevieve, Alex, Brad, Tiffany, Casey, Shelley

Board Members Absent:  Mark

Others in attendance:  Dawn, Faith, Troy


The meeting was called to order at 6:20 pm.


Teacher Presentations (Faith and Troy):

Math: Faith brought a sample problem solving page from the new 5th grade curriculum, Envisions. She also brought other samples from the program.  After looking at various math programs in the summer, Faith thought the Envision was more visual and hands-on, and the students build their skills before using regular algorithms. In the 3rd grade, the students begin using the “array model.”  The students use a lot of estimation by 5th grade. They talk about how they can visually check their answers. The goal is to have them use the standard algorithm efficiently, but also to have a deeper understanding of why you use this method. It also helps them to understand the operations more quickly when they read a word problem. Faithʼs students also work on timed math skills. Faith is excited about the Daily Common Core Review. This is a great way for students to review concepts. The Quick Check is almost like a mini-quiz. The Reteaching is a review of exactly what has been taught in class.


Troy spoke about the Connected Math curriculum. The purpose of this approach is to get the kids used to “experiences” that will lead them to figuring out the problems. The problems in this book are very “connected” to every day life. The kids use “math sense” without knowing all the rules. Troy uses a “diad” approach so that partners are both held accountable for their thinking and reasoning. No parent should be teaching at home – the students should be fairly concrete with the information before they go home to practice it.


Capstone Update:Faith and Troy brought a timeline of dates for the Capstone. Faith shared some of the projects that are in the works. The students have diverse projects. The students, over the summer, had to narrow down topics of interest, and then during the summer they did research and wrote a paper about a topic. The students have to choose a project that they can be able to collect the data on. Another guideline was that their topic had to be environmental in nature.  Currently, the students are setting up their experiments and taking data.


Principalʼs Report:

Love for the Greater Good went wonderfully. Twenty students donated to Locks of Love. Every student got to plant trees with Metro. A lot of volunteers came out this day. We will be published in a Portland magazine. We will also be featured in Metro Parent.


We had two Open Houses, with over 90 applicants. We have 7 confirmed siblings for kinder.  Andrea suggested that we run a newspaper advertisement, targeting 7th and 8th grade and focused on math and science.


Staff evaluations:   Springwater is not subject to the SB 290 evaluation process; Dawn reviewed her annual evaluation procedures, noting that all teacher goalsetting was related to one of the four annual goals set by the board.  In the next two weeks, Dawn will be meeting with each teacher to review the results of their evaluations.


All permanent teachers (that is, those past their three-year probationary period) are on rolling two-year contracts.  When the board votes in March, it votes to add an additional year to permanent teachers’ two-year contracts (or for an initial two-year contract if the teacher is just entering permanent status), and it votes on one-year contracts for probationary teachers.  Teachers will be informed of their contract status for next year following the board’s vote at next month’s board meeting, no later than March 15th.


Staff Proposals:

Jen and Laura have requested to continue their job share next year. They are both on one-year contracts because of their part-time, job share status. The board will consider and vote on this request at the March board meeting.


The board unanimously voted to approve the staff development requests submitted by Jon and Jen.


Background Check Policy:

Andrea presented revisions to Policy No. 118 for a first reading; final vote will be at next month’s board meeting.


Building Lease:

OCSD has placed the Logan property on its list of surplus properties, which means that it will be looking to sell the property at some undetermined time in the future.  Given this, Springwater will need to explore possibly ways to purchase the property.  Andrea will contact OCSD to obtain more information rearding the District’s timeline, asking price, and process.  Andrea will also seek information from mortgage brokers regarding the possibility of a public charter school / 501(c)(3) nonprofit being eligible for a mortgage in this situation.  The negotiations regarding the lease rate for the building will be put on hold while the possibility of a sale is investigated.


A work session is scheduled for April 3rd to begin discussing budget for the 2013-14 school year.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:08 pm.