Board Meeting Minutes – December 12, 2011

Regular board meeting – Dec. 12, 2011

Board members in attendance:  Andrea, Tiffany, Brad, Shelley, Genevieve, Casey, Mark, Michael
Others in attendance:  Jon Vogel, Dawn Bolotow (on leave from status as board member while serving as interim principal)

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 pm, following the OCSD board hearing for Springwater’s charter renewal.

The Board approved the Nov. 2011 meeting minutes.

Discussion Topics:
The Board discussed and set dates for the 2012-13 enrollment process, including Open Houses, application deadline, and lottery.  These dates will be posted on Springwater’s website.

Andrea passed on a concern communicated it her regarding gaps in lunch coverage; Jon stated that he hadn’t noted a problem in this regard.  Genevieve suggested that concerns could be based on parent volunteers feeling overwhelmed or unsure as to what to do during lunch duty.  Dawn stated that she would check in on this area after break when she began as principal.

Andrea shared a draft of the principal job description; the board discussed and then Andrea stated that board members and staff would have until the end of winter break to submit any comments or input.  Jon stated that he would let the other staff members know.  The board discussed posting the position in mid-January, using Ellen’s help to do the initial screening of the applications, then designating a staff-board sub-committee to meet in mid-February to do screening interviews.  The next step (either March or April) would be to have finalists visit the school and be interviewed by all staff and board.

Andrea stated that she had met with Laura to discuss her maternity leave, and that Laura would be leaving after spring break and not returning for the duration of the school year.  Laura will be authorized to use up to 40 days of sick leave, which means that SW will have the unbudgeted expense of paying for two teachers for 40 days (including PERS and payroll expenses).  Laura will be allowed to use the same process as Rae in identifying her preference for a long-term sub, and then the board will have final approval.

The board discussed the information it would need in order to vote on teacher contract renewals at the March board meeting. 

Shelley introduced a concept of linking 8th grade students with adult mentors from the school and community based on the students’ career interests.  Shelley introduced the specifics of this concept in a handout; the board was supportive of the concept and asked Shelley to pursue to next steps.

The meeting adjourned at 9:30 pm.