Board Meeting Minutes April 24, 2013

Board Meeting Minutes

April 24, 2013


Board members in attendance:   Shelley, Tiffany, Brad, Andrea, Alex, Mark, Casey, Genevieve

Board members absent:  None

Others in attendance:  Dawn, Jen, Laura


The meeting came to order at 6:25pm.  Jen and Laura’s presentation related to the writing program that they’re using in the Blue Herons class.  Dawn’s principal report provided an update of ongoing activities at the school in the month of April.


The board reviewed a draft 2013-14 calendar and voted unanimously to approve it in draft form.  The board reviewed tentative budget information, but decided that more discussion was needed before approving a draft 2013-14 budget.  The board discussed what components and questions should be included in a fundraising survey, and directed Dawn to draft and distribute the survey.  The board heard the second reading of the background check policy and voted unanimously to approve it.  The board discussed board terms and openings; specifically, that Brad’s term would be expiring at the end of this year, and Shelley and Tiffany’s terms would be expiring at the end of next year.  The board considered reducing the number of members back to seven, or keeping it at nine and soliciting interested parties for the open positions.  The board decided to keep the membership at nine for this year, and solicit interest for the two positions open for 2013-14.   At the end of the 2013-14 school year, when Shelley and Tiffany leave the board, the board can decide then whether to fill their open positions, or reduce board membership back down to seven members.


The meeting adjourned at 8:30pm.