Board Meeting Minutes – April 10, 2014

Board members present: Andrea, Genevieve, Myla, Gregg, Shelley, Casey, David, Tiffany
Board members absent: Mark
Others in attendance: Dawn

The meeting was called to order at 6:15 pm.

US Bank Presentation:
Mickey and Marcy from US Bank met with the Board to discuss financing options related to the potential purchase of the Logan property.

Principal’s Report:
• Robotics Team: 7th graders went to California to compete in the regional competition. We had a great write up in the Clackamas Review. We came in 35th out of 36. There were 6-7 parents who went along. Kassandra did a wonderful job coordinating, Andy Bowlin took the lead on the robotics, and Tony Cyphers did a great job with the kids.
• The patio that Shelley and Joel designed has been built. We paid Joel’s material and labor costs (approx. $1,800). The Hall family also donated material to go under the spinning feature on the playground.
• We also have added another set of solar panels over the Gridley Annex. The deck railings are also going to be fixed. Casey raised the possibility of metal railings, for better longevity.
• 5-8th grade ODS trips coming up in the next 3-6 weeks.
• State testing has begun.
• There are three new students who have joined the school.
• We have a new student teacher in the Fox class. We also have a PSU student working with Heidi.

The Board reviewed the draft budget and discussed enrollment figures, payroll increases, transportation costs, technology needs, and new curriculum to be purchased. The Board also discussed contracted positions, including a part-time counselor, a garden coordinator, and the Artists in Residence budget. More money needs to be budgeted for facilities maintenance. The Board voted unanimously to approve the 14-15 draft budget.

Dawn informed the Board that we need to add several days of school next year in order to maintain seat time requirements and not lose any days of instruction as compared to the current year’s calendar. The Board discussed a variety of options, including a shorter Thanksgiving break, a shorter spring break, going later in June, and adding back some off-school Fridays. The Board elected to wait until the May board meeting to finalize the 14-15 draft calendar.

Hiring Process:
There are two internal candidates and one outside candidate with Springwater affiliations who are applying for the 5/6 position. The week of April 28th we will have demonstration lessons for these candidates, and then conduct individual interviews. The Board agreed to this process, as well as posting of the music and counselor positions.

Building Sale:
We offered $480,00, and the District came back at $625,000. The board discussed the negotiation process, and what our next steps would be.

The Board discussed upcoming technology needs, and voiced a desire for staff to take the lead on which direction they’d like to go with the use of technology in their classrooms. The Board agreed to continue this discussion at the June retreat.

The meeting adjourned at 8:56 pm.