Board Meeting Minutes – November 8, 2011

Regular board meeting – Nov. 8, 2011

Board members in attendance:  Andrea, Tiffany, Brad, Shelley, Genevieve, Casey, Dawn
Board members absent:  Mark, Michael

Others in attendance:  Ellen, Jon Vogel, Andy Bowlin

The meeting was called to order at 6:10 pm

The Board approved the Oct. 2011 meeting minutes.

Principal’s Report:  Ellen reported on two foreign exchange students from Guatamala who are visiting Marcelle’s classroom for the month.  Ellen reported her positive observations of the school environment and of staff in the past several weeks.

Tech:  Andy reviewed several purchasing options for new technology that the school needs for the student computer lab and for staff.  After discussion, the Board voted unanimously to purchase 23 computers and a server for a fixed location student computer lab, and nine laptops to bring staff computers up to currently needed operations.  The Board also voted unanimously to make this purchase via Apple’s three-year lease program.  Andrea asked Andy to prepare a final cost bill for this option.  Andy stated that he would work with the “leftover” computers, make as many workable as possible and put them in the classrooms, and donate / recycle the rest.

Andy left the meeting at this time.

Charter Renewal:  Andrea reviewed the process and timeline.  The Board discussed the following breakdown for document preparation / presentation at the hearing:

  • Dawn – statewide test scores
  • Brad / Tiffany – Capstone (including video and possibly brief testimony of one of last year’s 8th  graders)
  • Genevieve will act as liaison to staff, to provide whatever assistance they need in assembling and documenting the data; Troy (and possible partner) will be asked to address writing / writers workshop sampling, Faith (and possible partner) will be asked to address science / rubrics, Jon and Rae will address reading / DRAs, and Laura and Loren will present on math / pre and post-test data.
  • Andrea will handle intro, wrap-up, presentation of financial information, and a quick bullet-point presentation other topics (mission and vision, AIR, etc)

The Board discussed the role of public testimony, and board members agreed to seek out parents who may be interested in testifying.  The Board agreed that a final run-through will be needed; all docs turned into Dawn for the power point presentation by Dec. 2, a run-through scheduled for Dec. 9 at 12:30.

Dawn left the meeting at this time.

Springwater administrator:  Andrea reviewed staff input regarding the characteristics / roles of the SW principal / director; the Board then brainstormed its input regarding these factors.  Next steps:

  • Andrea will put together a draft job description by the Dec. board meeting; the draft will be submitted for review and input by staff and board, and then finalized
  • The job will be posted in Feb, Ellen will assist will the initial screening of applications, a staff/board hiring committee will do the secondary screenings, and final interviews will be targeted for March, prior to spring break

Ellen will not be returning after the new year; she indicated that this was solely because of the travel involved, and that if she was living in this area, she would very much like to remain principal to the end of the school year.  Andrea summarized the discussion she’d had with staff regarding the possibility of an interim, and after further discussion, the board members indicated their preference for hiring another interim from January to June, instead of posting for the permanent position now.  Multiple reasons for this preference were discussed, including the truncated timeline; the limited applicant pool mid-year; and the need to use a thorough and transparent process in conducting the job search and hiring process.

Andrea proposed Dawn Bolotow to the Board as a candidate for the interim position; Andrea reviewed her qualifications, discussed her availability, and shared information related to her unique ability, given her training, experience, and current work with the school, to step in on such short notice and lead as an interim.  Shelley requested that board members have an opportunity to obtain more information about Dawn’s qualifications, and to interview her about the position.  Andrea will ask Dawn to submit a resume and a letter of interest, and she will schedule a Q&A with Board and Dawn.  Andrea reiterated that the interim hiring process is not the same as for the permanent position, given the immediate need and the lack of viable candidates; just as Ellen and Aaron were hired without extensive process, this interim position needs to be filled in the same way.  However, a thorough hiring process, with the participation of staff and others, will be used in filling the position permanently, as the school has done in the past when filing teaching positions.

The meeting adjourned at 8:35 pm.