Board Makes Progress on New Goals for 2012-13

Here is a progress report on the Board’s defined goals for the year.  Highlights include board meeting communication changes, committee restructuring, hiring a School Building Engineer, and purchasing another portable.

Community Relations

The Board will design and implement a public relations outreach plan to staff, Springwater families and to the broader community.

1.  In response to parent feedback and the desire to have more attendance and forum for parents and students to share comments with the school board we have adjusted our monthly meeting format. 

The following information will be posted on the SW website: 
(a) All board meetings are posted on the calendar for the entire upcoming school year;
(b) Agendas will be posted 48 hours prior to each meeting, both in hard copy at the school and electronically on the website;
(c) Meeting minutes will be approved by the board at the next month’s meeting, and then posted approximately one week after that on the website;
(d) In order to facilitate community involvement, the public comment section of each board meeting will be moved from the end of the agenda (where all school districts typically schedule it) to the beginning of the agenda.
(e) A time limit of 3 minutes per individual will be enforced to ensure that the Board can hear public comment at the outset and still proceed through that month’s agenda items without delay;
(f) if students wish to attend and speak at a board meeting, it is requested that the student (or parent) notify the Board chair at least 48 hours in advance, so that the location of the meeting can be changed to the school; and
(g) input sessions, surveys and other opportunities for obtaining families’ input, such as the Spring 2012 facilitated input sessions, will be scheduled on an as-needed basis to supplement the opportunity for public comment at board meetings.
2. We will reformulate the SW committee structure to collapse all committees, with the exception of Fundraising and Parent Council, into an advisory committee.   The Facilities Coordinator, Tech Coordinator, and the Art Coordinator will continue their roles and continue to draw upon the SW community for volunteers.  Please email Dawn at if interested in being involved with an advisory committee.


Springwater will initiate a five-year facilities and operations improvement plan towards becoming a sustainable, green, Net-Zero school.

1. Springwater is seeking a School Building Engineer.  We are screening applicants to support the daily operations of the school.   In response to increased daily needs related to facilities safety, maintenance and cleanliness, the board intends to hire a building engineer for an approx. 20 hr./wk. position.  Ideally, this position will provide for a daily presence in the building.

2. Springwater is pursuing individuals and companies to make legacy donations to the school.  We have a grant opportunity with PGE for additional solar panels installation.  If you or your business would like to know more contact Dawn for the prospectus. 

3. A second family is in the process of purchasing one of the portables; within three years of the upcoming purchase, SW will own outright two of its four portables.

Outdoor School

Due to rising cost, the cost of ODS for 2012-13 school year will be $275.  ODS participation is expected and integral to the Springwater education.  Scholarships will continue to be available for families in need through requests to Dawn.  ODS will be part of the 5-8 grade programs and be held the Week of May 13th.