Battle of the Books update February 26, 2013

What an amazing battle we had today! Before I go into the rest of my news, I have to comment on the 4-5 division. It has been *awesome* to see how much they have learned during Battle of the Books. Not just about the books, though that is great…more about working together as a team during the battles and really understanding how the process works. It’s been wonderful to watch, and I’m hoping that many of the students will be back next year!

A huge thank you to Lisa Pasquantonio to was able to step in to help during the battle today when Julie’s daugher was home sick – and another huge thank you to all the parents and students who came to watch! The computer lab was packed with people – all of whom took care to be respectful of the players. So – THANK YOU!

OK. On to the information ūüôā¬† Congrats to Crispy Bacon who emerged victorious after a very close and terrific battle. They will be battling Night Owls on Thursday morning to determine the team that will represent Springwater at the 3-5 division regionals in West Linn. To add to the excitement – Crispy Bacon and Night Owls battled just last week, and it was one of the closest matches I’ve seen this year. AND – there is a possibility of a double-header!

IMPORTANT: Because this battle is taking place so close to regionals (and right before the auction), after the battle is over I will have the regionals paperwork ready for the students to take home. It includes the schedule and location, a map, and a release waiver that MUST be turned in during registration on Saturday morning. If you are a parent of a student on either of the teams that will be battling Thursday and want to be prepared, you are welcome to email me requesting the paperwork in advance.

Thursday’s Battle Schedule (2/28):

Crispy Bacon vs. Night Owls – Morning Meeting

In the event of a win by Crispy Bacon during morning meeting, a second battle will be held in the computer lab during lunch to ensure double-elimination rules are upheld.

Good luck to both teams!