Battle of the Books Udate February 28, 2013

What an amazing battle today! Crispy Bacon took on Night Owls in one of the best battles yet, and while it was close, Night Owls triumphed and will be heading to Regionals this Saturday! For any of you who would like to go see the battles, the 3-5 division is in West Linn at Stafford Elementary School, and the 6-8 division is in Canby at Canby High. The round robin play begins at 8:30 at Stafford and 9:30 at Canby. I am absolutely certain that the teams would LOVE to have as many people there to cheer them on as they can! You are welcome to contact me for further information, including addresses and schedules, at

Night Owls: (will be in West Linn)

Evan Van Pelt

Evie Mathis

Matteo Sage

Lilly Myers

Purple Mockingjays: (will be in Canby)

Nora Mathis

Maggie Anderson

Erica Pasquantonio

Emma Woodward

Mishayla Walker

A *HUGE* congratulations to both teams for their effort and hard work. Good luck at Regionals, and remember to HAVE FUN!