Battle Of The Books January 29, 2013

January 29, 2013:

First – a HUGE thank you to the volunteers today. We were short-handed and almost ended up having to skip a battle…but after a few amazing ladies stepped up, everything went off without a hitch!!

Congratulations to Fire & Ice in the 4-5 division, and to Purple Mockingjays in the 6-8 division – the victors in today’s battles! And a special nod to Minecraft Mania, who ended up battling with two of their players out sick…good effort, guys!

Thursday’s battles are as follows:

4-5 division: Night Owls vs. TDG Readers

6-8 division: Rainbow Ninja Unicorns vs. Paperback Knights

Remember – please do not bring lunches that need to be reheated! The faster we can get into the battles, the easier it is on everyone. Also – we are going to be short-handed again on Thursday, so anyone who has the time and is willing…we would LOVE to have you!

Good job, teams. Way to keep up the effort and the sportsmanship!