Battle of the books January 26, 2013

January 26, 2013:

So we have successfully finished the first week of battles for Battle of the Books! It was exciting to see the work the teams have put into this, and the battles were terrific. Congrats to the Readers in the 4-5 division, and to the Narwhal Book Eaters in the 6-8 division for their wins on Thursday! The upcoming battles for next week are as follows:

Tuesday, Jan. 29th:

4-5 division: Fire & Ice vs. The Gamers

6-8 division: Purple Mockingjays vs. Minecraft Mania

Thursday, Jan. 31st:

4-5 division: Night Owls vs. TDG Readers

6-8 Division: Rainbow Ninja Unicorns vs. Paperback Knights

A sincere THANK YOU to all the coaches and parents who were able to come help with the battles last week – it was a pleasure to have you, and it made things so much easier! We are always looking for help, either with the battles or relieving teachers on the playground so they can help…

Here’s to another week of great sportsmanship and exciting matches!