Battle of the Books January 23, 2013

It has begun! We had our first battle this afternoon – Purple Mockingjays vs. Rainbow Ninja Unicorns. It was a well-fought battle, and congrats to the Purple Mockingjays!

On Thursday, the battles will be:

4-5 Division: OC Obobbers vs. The Readers

6-8 Division: Narwhal Book Eaters vs. Paperback Knights

The battles will start promptly at 12:20, and any student who is not in the computer lab with their team when the door closes will not be allowed in – so PLEASE – *no lunches that need cooking*. Further information regarding schedules, rules, and requests for assistance have been sent to the web admin and will be posted shortly.

We are looking forward to some exciting battles, so…LET THE GAMES BEGIN!