Battle of the Books, February 8, 2013

The battles rage on, and we have hit the time when teams are beginning to be eliminated. To those teams, a hearty well-done and THANK YOU for showing excellent sportsmanship. No complaining about the battles or procedures, showing respect for all those who have volunteered their time to help the battles become a reality…Springwater students continue to be a class act. And for those who still have battles to fight – good luck, and may your hard work pay off!

So – congratulations to Night Owls and Minecraft Mania, the two teams who bested their competition in yesterday’s battles! A special thank you to Night Owls and Fire & Ice, who had their battle delayed until after the 6-8 division, as we didn’t have enough people to run both battles at the same time. Their patience is *greatly* appreciated!

The battles for next Tuesday (Feb. 12) are as follows:

4-5 division: Gamers vs. TDG Readers

6-8 division: Narwhal Book Eaters vs. Minecraft Mania

Thursday’s battles are yet TBD, as the 4th grade has a field trip. As we plan around that, I will send an email update as well as have it posted on the website.

Good job, everyone! Study up and be ready for next week!