Battle of the Books February 5, 2013

It was another day of battles to see who takes the Springwater Battle of the Books crown for each grade. Congratulations to Crispy Bacon and Purple Mockingjays for their wins!

The 6-8 division is narrowing down – only three more battles until the final face-off between teams. The 4-5 division will be picking up the slack once the 6-8 is about done by doubling up the battles on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Ideally, we would love to give both divisions time to not only prep for the final Springwater battles, but for regionals as well.

As always, a warm thank you to the volunteers who were able to help today. It makes things so much simpler for Julie and I to know we have people available willing to come out and assist!

Thursday’s battles lineup:

4-5 division: Fire & Ice vs. Night Owls

6-8 division: Minecraft Mania vs. Rainbow Ninja Unicorns

Good luck!