Battle of the books February 4, 2013

As always, thank you first to the wonderful volunteers who were there Thursday. I know things ended up not going quite as planned, but what an awesome group you all were!

Before getting into the battles themselves, there has been a policy change passed down to Julie and I that we need to pass along. Parents are NOT allowed to help with any battle in which their children are participating. You are always free to come and watch, and we would love to have your assistance with the other battles if you are so inclined and have time available. Thank you for your understanding.


I continue to be overjoyed by the work the students have put it to this, and it showed today. The 4-5 division ended up in a sudden-death tie-breaker, and the 6-8 division was decided by ONE POINT. It was so exciting to see and to be a part of! So – congratulations to Night Owls and the Rainbow Ninja Unicorns for their hard-fought wins. Awesome job!

So for next week, the schedule is as follows:

Tuesday, 2/5:

4-5 division: Crispy Bacon vs. Readers

6-8 division: Narwhal Book Eaters vs. Purple Mockingjays

Thursday, 2/7:

4-5 division: Fire & Ice vs. Night Owls

6-8 division: Minecraft Mania vs. Rainbow Ninja Unicorns

Good luck to all the teams, and keep up the good work!