Battle of the Books February 20, 2013

After a long and wonderful weekend, we resumed Battle of the Books today! Regionals are fast approaching, so we are doubling up on 4-5 battles in order to successfully get through all the teams before then.

Congratulations to TDG Readers and Fire & Ice for their spectacular wins today! They will be going on to battle *each other* on Thursday. And don’t forget – the 6-8 division finals are Thursday morning (2/21) during morning meeting. Come support your child, or even just come to support Battle of the Books! We would love to see you there ūüôā

Thursday, Feb. 21:

4-5 division: Crispy Bacon vs. Night Owls

TDG Readers vs. Fire & Ice

As always – thank you to the volunteers who help so much. Julie and I literally could not do this without you!