Battle of the Books February 12, 2013

Before I get into anything else, there will be NO BATTLES this coming Thursday the 14th! The battles will resume next Tuesday, Feb. 19th. The 4-5 teams will be on field trips and the 6-8 teams have reached the finals.

That’s right – we have our two finalist teams for the 6-8 division. Congratulations to Purple Mockingjays and Minecraft Mania for their excellent battles! They now have some time to study and prepare for the final showdown on Thursday, Feb. 21st during morning meeting. It will be a full-on, regional-style battle with 32 questions instead of 16. All parents who would like to come watch are invited – come support your students!

Since the 6-8 division has reached the finalist stage, that leaves us with double battles for the 4-5 each Tuesday and Thursday, starting next week. Since there are more teams in this category, we will be working on getting them through to the final battle as well, which is planned for Thursday, Feb. 28 – also during morning meeting.

A huge well-done to ALL the 6-8 teams, and another big congratulations to the finalists. Study hard and get ready – it will be a battle to remember!

So, the schedule for next week is as follows:

Tuesday, Feb. 19 (4-5 division ONLY):

OC Obobbers vs. Fire & Ice

TDG Readers vs. Readers

Thursday, Feb. 21:

4-5 division: Crispy Bacon vs. Night Owls

TBD from Tuesday’s battles

6-8 division: SHOWDOWN between Purple Mockingjays and Minecraft Mania during morning meeting!

Enjoy your day off, teams, and be ready to rumble again next week!