Springwater School is a Charter School, meaning that although we need to meet certain state and district criteria, the majority of school decisions are made by the Board of Directors, consisting of parent volunteers who serve a specified term.

Board of Directors

The Board oversees the actualization of Springwater’s mission and vision by setting annual school-wide goals; sets policies and procedures for school’s operation and governance; is responsible for supervising the principal and for all hiring and termination decisions; acts as the final decision maker regarding any parent or staff complaints and any student expulsions; participates in the charter renewal process and the drafting of the annual charter report; is responsible for setting the budget and ensuring the financial health of the school.  See the Budget Report for an overview of current finances.


The Building Principal administers the daily operations of the school; provides leadership in implementing Springwater’s mission and vision and in meeting all conditions required under state law and charter contract; is responsible for recruiting, supervising, evaluating, assigning and disciplining staff; makes recommendations to the Board for hiring and termination; assists with the development of annual budgets and implements the Board-approved budget; is responsible for student discipline, data keeping and reporting, and parent/community relations; leadership in curriculum and instructional program development. Contact Greg Mylet,

Parent Committee

Plans and implements community events, both amongst Springwater families and within the larger community, to provide social opportunities for families to meet, as well as contact with the community to help articulate and publicize Springwater’s mission and vision; coordinates Thursday hot lunches; ensures that Springwater families feel connected and have multiple opportunities to foster the feeling of community. Events in the past have included winter Olympics, movie night, hoe-down, reflection walk, etc. contact

Fundraising Committee

Responsible for proposing and implementing each year’s small and major fundraising events, so that sufficient funds can be raised to fund Springwater’s ongoing operations.

Technology Committee

Responsible for ensuring the adequate operation of Springwater’s network, making recommendations for purchase of new hardware and software, working with staff to provide needed technology and training, making recommendations and purchases related to student hardware and software, operating Springwater’s website, coordinating school wide electronic communications, and other technology-related tasks as needed. Contact

Safety Committee

Responsible for ensuring that Springwater meets all state and federal regulations for safety requirements.  The group works with local entities to provide resources to the school community.  Monthly meetings scheduled on school website.  Contact

Garden Committee

Oversees decisions regarding the use of and responsible for the care / maintenance of the school garden. Contact


The Student/Parent Handbook is updated and distributed every year.  This document describes the Springwater educational philosophy, operations, and expectations and guidelines for students and parents.

Also, written procedures guiding enrollment, expenditures, discipline, personnel, volunteers, etc. are published in the Standard Procedures document, which is reviewed and updated by the Board of Directors periodically.

Health and Safety Policies

  • Springwater School Health and Safety plan
  • Integrated Pest Management Plan
  • Radon Testing Plan
  • Water test results