Peace, Love, Planting & Pancakes… oh, and we bought a school!

We won! Way to Go Kaci Rae

Fiskars awards $3,500 in cash and tools to just 30 grant winners in the U.S. and Canada to support their gardening goals. And we were awarded a grant! Springwater Environmental Sciences School is … [Read More...]

Seeking part time school facilities manager

Springwater Environmental Sciences School seeks part time school facilities manager. This position is responsible for providing labor to complete handyman type and light construction services. The … [Read More...]

Math Night! January 29th

Join your school community 6-7:30pm for Family Math Night next Thursday, January 29th. The evening will be a fun and informative about Math in 2015 and BEYOND. This year we have themed rooms … [Read More...]

Snow Day! + Stocking stuffer

Snow to is approaching quickly, January 16th! For those of you attending this event, here is a stocking stuffer to use. … [Read More...]

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